Appreciation of Gin Lee and Principal Tan of the Major Wu Zesong


A new generation of beautiful sounds, Gin Lee, fell into a scene in the chorus of its new Mandarin album “Appreciation”. Gin last week, Gin appeared in Beijing to participate in Tan Jiaochang’s new Mandarin album “Appreciation” Asian Conference, with Tan Jiaochang’s new song “Human Type” in the first public chorus (album) at the 40-year concert of the martial arts Elan Tamlan Galaxy era.President Tan’s favorite singer
Tan Jiaochang’s new Mandarin album “Appreciation” is the 40th anniversary of his career planning project. The album invited him to praise the cooperation of five beautiful women and beauty singers. The strong lineup includes: Sun Nan, Tan Weiwei, Zhang Xueyou, Andy Lau, mayday, Eason chan, mayday, A – Lin, dingdong, chen2 jie2 yi2, Gin Lee falls.

Gin Lee likes to admire Asia and talk about her feelings of working with him. Gin Lee said that although she is the youngest singer in the new album of the principal, she is honored to have the opportunity to cooperate in singing the song “Humanization”. “In the music industry, we are a big family,” Tan said. Gin is very powerful.

To learn to say sincere praise to yourself is “humanity”
At this time, the principal of the school cooperated with the young master sister Li Jinning to live with their own type of people. “Incompetent comments and verbal criticism are common in the online world,” the song said. To face these rumors, “positive attitude is the coldest response”, don’t be defeated by others, more “do not deliberately resonate with others”, although they have done their most types! Do what you think is worthwhile, “like” yourself, add some confidence, and learn to say sincere praise to yourself, just “model humanity.”


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