“Song Shen” Jacky Cheung completed the first three games in Beijing yesterday (October 23), three consecutive late-stage pop songs, and challenged his most classic stage at the Lewo Sports Ecology Center in Beijing. In the LED, the super stable is all in the Around Taiwan, 360-degree, 32-person band and orchestra team, combined with 30 professional dancers and stunt performers, performed the 40 classic centers of “Song of God” Jacky Cheung, each song with the wind and rain, and the world – class production Specifications, Xueyou’s wonderful scene, the perfect combination of vision and hearing, 10 sets of clothing matching mode, the world’s first lucky audience exclaimed thousands of “classic classics!”On the last day of his emotional expression on the stage, “Today is not my third show. It is actually the fourth show. The first rehearsal has no audience. I am also so hard to perform.” The song god said more, actually he has This practice sings for more than 100 days, which is equivalent to 100 performances. Xueyou also thanked all the staff for realizing their dreams and making complex stage productions. “Thank you for helping me realize my dreams. My ambition is too great.” Last night, the stars gathered in Beijing and were moved by the “God of the Song”. Chen Yixun, Liang Chaowei, Chen Huilin, Zhang Ziyi and Wang Feng, as well as Olympic badminton champions Chen Long and Lin Dan, and tennis player Zheng Jie, all came here to enjoy a unique audio-visual feast.


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