Gin Lee × AGA MV shoots two sisters while loving one person


For the two talented young female singers Gin Lee Lee shin-ni and AGA jianghaiga, the fans have waited a long time to release their second duo song “unique” after “one plus one”. This time, the two men co-created music for the first time, and together they produced a mismatch in the love story.Gin and AGA are close to each other because they sing “one plus one.” They have been eager to write a song together. This is an opportunity to continue to negotiate and cooperate with each other to create “unique” new works. However, this is a very different story. In one of these cases, gin and AGA are best friends, but they all fall in love with the same person. The fate of this joke, a good friend joined the shackles and struggled, no one is willing to give in. AGA said: ‘This song ‘one plus one’ was about us looking for love together, but this time about we fall in love with the same person I feel very different and want to be in a different relationship.Through the cooperation between AGA and Gin Lee, AGA and Gin Lee quickly participated in the story and fully realized their feelings. Gin and AGA need to match this story, but gin is very willing to accept the challenge. She said, “The shooting of this unique MV has a lot of inner play, which allows me to enjoy myself and have fun.” Two people think that love is not right or wrong, but the fate is mismatched. What will be the final outcome? Keep an eye out for the upcoming video featuring Gin and AGA!


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