Lu Guanting concert sharing love Xu Xiaofeng Andi Lao finally lifted the climax June 13, 2016


The two consecutive games Lowell lo BEYOND IMAGINATION LIVE 2016 concert was held recently (June 10th, 11th) at the Red Pavilion in Hong Kong. The concert with the theme of “Love”, LoLo gave you a bird that will accompany you on the same day. Going, classical songs such as “love in love”, “happy and honest man” and “why”, affecting the fans’ hearts with loud songs. Two nights of singers were invited to the heavyweight Paula, Andy Lau sang To the climax. Friends in the circle, Chen Huixian, Du Dewei, Cai Yizhi, Cai Yijie, Elaine Koo, Gu Ruining, Ye Wei, Pan Yuanliang, Lin Jiadong, and Li Chongsheng, who also flew back from Taiwan, were very lively.The theme of the concert is “Love.” Through music, Lu Guanting hopes to share his heart, spread peace, respect and gratitude. The concert opened with Kumbaya, a new song that draws attention to the Earth’s ecology. In order to bring the best music to music lovers, LoLo spent twice as much time practicing the concert. In cooperation with the erhu master Huo Shijie, the famous guitarist Su Dehua returned from the flight of the famous Italian Outlan and other musicians, and the whole concert was further improved. In addition, LoLo has previously recruited amateur musicians, including four string players, a harmonica player and a atrialist, who are young but have performed at high levels and admire LoLo.


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