Four best ETF short markets


Four best ETF short markets

The market shortage is a gamble of decline. If you have short positions, you can profit. You can do this with individual stocks, but you have to be impeccable in your choices. Exchange traded funds allow you to shorten a segment rather than individual stocks. Remember, the “market” is actually made up of different parts.

As of December 29, 2017, we have chosen etfs as an important part of the sector that has a reasonable chance of a downturn. We exclude leveraged etfs, which greatly increase the risk for investors.

So-called inverse etfs are much riskier than etfs that hold long positions on etfs, so it is important to note that this is a more important trading strategy than long-term investment. If you squeeze briefly, you may lose money.

Markets tend to bounce back because of the news, so if you are successful in shorting the market and making a profit, you should follow a strict profit rule. Such rules can override greed. (see also: short selling risks.)

Some of that money is new. They have no choice because of their longevity, but because they focus on specific segments of the market. Average trading volumes are likely to be low, as not many investors have been shorting these markets. The new fund may have begun because the market is shorting the market in preparation for the downturn. In that case, the cost and the year-to-date rate of return could be low.

One way to predict a market gap is to look at the trading volume of these etfs. If you see average daily volume picking up, this could indicate that investors are seeing a weakness in the market segment. Increased interest may mean building consensus. (see: big four inverse etfs of bear market)

1. ProShares trust – ProShares short standard & poor’s 500 (SH)


PrShs Sh, the S&P 500


+ 0.37%


The standard & poor’s 500 index is a measure of the performance of the U.S. stock market. The fund has short positions in the index, making it a broad-based way to short U.S. stocks.

The average. Volume: 1952938

Net worth: $1.6 billion

Yield: 0.00%

Year-to-date return: -16.39%

Expenditure ratio (net value) : 0.89%

Date of establishment: June 19, 2006

2. ProShares UltraShort S&P 500 (SDS)


PrSh skyriver to S&P 500


+ 0.69%


The target of this positive fund is to double the earnings of the s&p 500. Like the ProShares Short ETF mentioned above, UltraShort is the focus of large-cap stocks. But this is a high risk version of UltraShort. Security data tables use derivatives to achieve their goals, which is not a long-term behavior and is best for investors who invest in negative markets.

The average. Volume: 2922696

Net worth: $1.13 billion

Yield: 0.00%

Year-to-date return: -30.39%

Expenditure ratio (net value) : 0.89%

Date of establishment: July 11, 2006

3. Direxion Daily Shanghai shenzhen 300 China A shares bear certificate 1X ETF (CHAD


Dx Dly CSI Cn


– 0.57%


If you expect China’s economy and market to fall, you can use this ETF to short the csi 300 index. The fund is selling the largest share of the Chinese market. (see: shorting China: the best way to use etfs.)

The average. Volume: 7538

Net worth: $10.81 million

Year-to-date return: -25.37%

Expenditure ratio (net value) : 0.80%

Date of establishment: June 17, 2015

4. Direxion daily total bond market bear 1X ETF (SAGG)


Dx Dly Tot Bd


– 0.35%


The fed has said it will regularly raise interest rates. Higher interest rates tend to hurt bond prices. You can use SAGG to sell the barclays capital U.S. comprehensive bond index. But note that the volume is very low, so there is a liquidity risk.

The average. Volume: 287

Net worth: $3.13 million

Year-to-date return: -2.34%

Expenditure ratio (net value) : 0.63%

Date of establishment: March 23, 2011

The bottom line

Selling short stocks may be more risky than buying short-selling etfs. Instead of looking for the company’s weaknesses, you must develop the habit of finding market weaknesses. You will have protection against a few stocks, not a stock. This will increase your risk.


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