Super Mario Odyssey reviews: the best Mario game


Super Mario Odyssey reviews: the best Mario game

In 1996, nintendo invented the sandbox platform game. Twenty years later, the company perfected it. “A game that lets players smile on their faces is a wonderful thing,” Shigeru Miyamoto, Mario’s creator, told the Japanese game magazine Famitsu in 2006. Super Mario Odyssey says it’s impossible to smile from start to finish. It’s as happy as a game.

Odyssey takes the best of Mario 64 and sunlight and strengthens creativity. It has a much more diverse and detailed world, a clearer sense of humor, and a smarter hierarchy. While Mario 64 will always be number one, the Odyssey is a sublime fine-tuning of nintendo’s continued domination of the supreme game genre.

Although the legend of zelda: the savagery is a return to the switch and play any place to design an AD, the Odyssey is a return to sit down and play at home. It all depends on how it is controlled. Under Joy’s guidance, Mario has never felt so free. The smoothness of his movement was inspired by super Mario galaxy, which used wi-fi to turn the player into a mad conductor. Now, Joy- Cons’s extra sensitivity gives you complete fluid control. Your touching hat partner Cappy has also added some new moves for Mario’s repertoire, and when it comes to splitting with Joy- Cons, it feels natural.

Part of this liquidity is the camera, which can rotate and move peacefully at will. But most of the talent comes from Joy-Cons himself. HD Rumble makes the world hiss and shiver in your hands. It’s a creepy feeling that will let you explore just to see how it feels. Rotate the analog stick, and Mario starts spinning. Climb to the top of the mountain, you can curl up into a ball, roll down. One of the roles you even control, the power that allows you to fly, makes you soar in the Odyssey’s impressive and detailed landscape.

Just exploring the Odyssey is an additional task of its own. It is vital that when you complete a kingdom, you will not be kicked out immediately. The emergence of previously inaccessible areas and new challenges. Exploring every corner, Odyssey summons you to turn again. Freed from your main task, you just need to go around and find the more elusive Power Moons.

To bring smiles to the players, miyamoto’s philosophy is simple. “We have to go back to the starting point and recapture the essence of the game,” he said. In 2006, Odysseus said: “the joy of nostalgia. You can dress Mario in a lot of clothes. You can take photos of him playing in the snow on his underwear. Or, you can be a pure frog. Or zippers. Or dinosaurs. Like “wild breathing”, “Odyssey” takes on an unprecedented, dizzying scale.

In fact, in the last game, control a thunderous t-rex, one of the highlights of the pre-release trailer. Your first meeting took place less than an hour. As the game’s producer and director, komatsu and Honda Guyana, said: “the Odyssey is all about surprises. And nintendo deliberately kept the best things secret. They wrote: “it is said that you can’t surprise the same thing twice.” “We were full of surprises for super Mario Odyssey as much as possible.” The end result was a Mario game, ostensibly familiar. It took a few minutes, but you realize that this is very different than ever before.

Criticism: sometimes the Odyssey is too easy. Some obvious secrets are obvious. The cooperative model, one person controlling Mario and another Cappy, feels like an afterthought. A suitable mode of cooperation will not allow a player to get caught up in the tedious task of lifting the ball, which will add a new kind of play. But these are small quibbles.

The difference between the nintendo console is elusive, but it probably comes down to one word: soul. Countless copycat franchises – sparrow, brinks, tasmanian tiger and taad – all failed because of their lack of inspiration and character. They feel like a fax. In Odyssey, magic skips every pixel. Just as Mario stretched out his arms, feet on the ground, and even when you navigate to the look on his face when he saved the screen, he went downhill. This is the joy of the whole thing.


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