Are Facebook ads and GuGe ads most in line with advertising needs?


Are Facebook ads and GuGe ads most in line with advertising needs?

You’ve decided to launch an advertising campaign, but you don’t know which of the two AD platforms for Facebook ads and GuGe Adwords can best meet your brand’s advertising needs?

Don’t you know which one is worth more time and money?

You’re in the right place!

While answering these questions is quite tough, in this article, I’ll let you know the difference between the two platforms, their strengths and weaknesses, maybe can help you make the right decision.


First of all, what are Facebook ads and GuGe ads


Adwords stylization is a GuGe advertising company founded in the United States on October 23, 2000. It will display ads or banner ads on GuGe or display AD network partners, and these ads or banner ads will be based on the user’s keywords or their browsing behavior.

When the user clicks on the quality of the advertisement, the advertiser pays the fee: the higher the correlation between the advertisement and the user, the lower the click price, the advertisement will highlight. This is to encourage advertisers to provide information that is relevant to user requests.

(Facebook ads) are paid messages designed and distributed by the company to convey to interested people. Advertisers create AD series with specific goals (we call them advertising targets) and create ads in these AD series to help them achieve those goals.

For example, a company can create an activity because it wants more people to visit its website. When she makes an advertisement in this AD series, she chooses the pictures, words and audiences she thinks will help her increase her visitors.

Two different target systems

The difference between Facebook ads and GuGe ads is the positioning system.

On Facebook, you can choose which audience to advertise. By locating options, you can filter users based on interest, audience characteristics, and geographic location filtering conditions. You can cover the appropriate audience groups and only the users you analyze can see your AD.

Instead, GuGe will not trigger ads on Facebook’s “likes” user or its Facebook profile information: the search words entered by the user will trigger the AD. In the display AD network, ads are placed on similar web pages. GuGe knows the page and adjusts the AD accordingly. In either case, you must make a bid for the keyword, and you can’t control which people will see your AD.

Strength and weakness

If you compare the two AD platforms directly:

Timing: on GuGe, your AD and search link, which means your potential client is looking for specific content that he is ready to buy immediately. Very few people look for products on Facebook, so this is Google. Facebook, on the other hand, is planting a seed for future results.

Local business: again, Google advantage. If people are looking for a place to eat or look for the nearest gas station, they may already be in the car. In 2017, mobile searches exceed computer searches.

Targeting: using Facebook ads, you can get specific information about who sees your AD, and GuGe PPC differs from keyword. A narrow audience eventually translates into a lower cost per click. Facebook won this one.

Commitment: Facebook has almost won this. While GuGe usually provides user reviews on Facebook, brands can interact – answer questions, provide more information, and overcome expected objections. Brand involvement in promoting sales and encouraging customer loyalty is not so different.

Quality of AD: Facebook also wins here. On GuGe, your ads can’t be more interesting than “bold”. 如果你真的想疯了,你可以张贴在所有的胶囊 🙄 🙄(请不要这样做)。 However, on Facebook, you can post pictures, a beautiful photo or a video whole carousel.

So what’s the answer?

Well, the exact answer depends on your business, what you’re selling and the nature of your audience. Facebook is a good choice if you offer something visually appealing to the audience. GuGe may be your best bet for a local company that wants to stand out from the competition and attract consumers.


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