An article about my best friend


An article about my best friend

Everyone has a good friend. Maybe you’ve seen them at work. Grow up together. Some people even marry their best friends. A best friend always makes you happy when you are sad or have a better time.

In fact, you don’t even need to read me about what is best friend, because I’m sure you know what I mean.


Best friends are your best friends because they are the best. (deep)

My best friend in the world is a girl. She is one of the most beautiful girls I know. I’ve only known her for five years, but in these five years we’ve become the closest companion.

One morning we met at the shopping center for the first time. I think it was Sunday. I walked by the shop alone when I saw her. I walked into her shop and introduced myself. Meet me in 5 minutes and I know we’ll get along very well.

When she came back to my house, she met my partner. They get along well, too. Five years later, the relationship was over, but my friend was with me that day.

Once, she had to go to the hospital for leg surgery. She’s in bad shape. I’m really sorry. I take care of her every day until she gets better. Make her breakfast and dinner; I’m not very good at cooking, but she never complains. I even had to give her a bath, but she wanted to… I think that’s what you do when you approach.

After a while, she felt very depressed, but eventually she began to feel better and things were back to normal.

I don’t know how we get along and tell you the truth. I like to do indoor stuff – writing, reading, video games, etc., but she didn’t do anything. Forever! She’s more of an outdoor type. She enjoys outdoor activities.

Although she is not very big in meeting other people, sometimes we can be embarrassed together and can also do social situations. She is one of those people who are happy with the people she knows well. Not interested in new friends. This sometimes makes some people offside. Other friends think she’s arrogant, and some even say she hates everything. I know what they mean, but I see a completely different side to her.

Not that I didn’t have a disagreement with her before. We’ve had several times of anger. For example, she vomited a carpet not once but three times. Three times I had to clean up her vomit!

Sometimes she does get jealous. When I finished a girl, she always tried to find us. Literally. It’s embarrassing at least. But she’s my best friend and I don’t want to upset her. So we have a bed in my room and she can sleep at any time.

She also sleeps a lot in the daytime. She is a fairly late sleeper and often wants to do interesting things when I am getting up early. It’s kind of annoying, but every time I come home from work we find a medium to be happy. We try to spend time at home and play in bed.

Oh, her happy ball! Seriously. Any chance she gets, it’s all about chasing the ball. There’s nothing better than playing outside. Usually after a meeting, we relax on the sofa, knead our bellies and watch TV.

No matter what she’s doing, she’ll run around the room, and if someone shouts “kiss dad,” she’ll lick my face. It was the only name she knew – dad. She has many names I call her. Kimchi. Missiles. Monkey. Small. But her real name is pixar.

Pixar is my dog, and she was 5 years old this week.

Her favorite toy came from her first week, her fabric pig. Everything was ripped off, except for its head, but she didn’t care. She likes almonds and sweet potatoes, afraid of anything that has hummus. She likes to watch dexter, but hates conan o ‘brien, when her fart noise scares her. When she dreams, she also snores and moves her legs.

Sometimes I was more upset than I thought, but she always gave me love, hugs and sl k kisses. Unconditionally. All she asked for was some food, a walk, and occasional abdominal scratches.

I knew she would never read this blog (because if she could, it would be scary), she might never know my name. But for best friends, I don’t want to have better friends.

She’s my best friend and I love her heaps.

Happy birthday kimchi.


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