Memorable Filipino advertising


Memorable Filipino advertising

How does advertising become memorable, and what makes it memorable?

Do ‘taxi test’ and listen to Jeff Goodby.

Goodby, who? Jeff Goodby is the other half of Goodby, and Silverstein and Partners are among the most creative people in the world, noting that the word works, advertising agencies. He just made a high-profile TV AD for the us presidential candidate.

Goodby’s “cab test” is an in-depth study of real markets. In the stimulus article in the advertising age, he called some of the industry’s industry “irrelevant winners”.

“When you take a taxi and tell the driver you’re doing an AD, they ask you if you’ve done something they might be familiar with,” he said. “what do you have to say?

“The returns we get as an industry are mostly small or marginal efforts of legitimate customers. We have created a system for rewarding work that is unknown to anyone outside of the enterprise, “Goodby lamented.

In fact, the taxi driver and the man in the street, for home housewife cooking “Tinola” housewife, burn the candle at midnight student, blue-collar and white-collar, marketers – consumers – decide which ads are unforgettable. Not the referee.

“Commercials are memorable because they can stand the test of time. “You see them over and over again because they can connect to you, so you don’t get bored,” says a prominent creative director.

Do you remember the advertisement you saw last night? Maybe yes, maybe not.

“A memorable AD was seen by a lot of people. If only creators and insomniacs saw the AD, it was a great advertisement. “Said the university professor of communication art.

Advertising companies have different formulas for making memorable TV ads. When you look at them closely, they are all the same, with different lingo.

Here are some criteria to measure advertising:

Does it provide ROI (relevance, originality, impact)? Whether it is destructive, whether it prints love marks, creates human advertisements, is extraordinary, focuses on products, not products, is anti-ordinary, goes beyond clutter and so on.

A memorable AD is simple, but not simple. It should communicate instantly with the audience that is talking to each other within seconds.

The world can understand, even if it is culturally unique. It has universal appeal.

A memorable AD makes you smile, and you’ll learn a new insight that no one has told you before, and express it in an unusual way.

“If your ads don’t matter, then you can’t pull your heart,” says one top marketer. He added: “an unemotional AD cannot be combined with an audience.

Speaking of these, business on Friday based on a 10-month study to review the most memorable ads in the Philippines. Memorable standards are based on creativity and effectiveness. This is not one of them.

“LOLO” (McDonald’s, Leo Burnett)

“Lolo” has been a favorite of millions of Filipino TV viewers before it became the first Filipino TV commercial to win a gold medal in Asia’s fiercest prize competition.

People still remember the disappointment of her grandfather, Gina, who was a disappointment. Because of its simplicity and big ideas, the burger section is a heart-rating scene that makes people cry.

“I love this AD for several reasons,” said Mitzi Reyes, an associate professor at the school of fine arts at the university of the Philippines.

Reyes said: “see my grandfather the warm scene, despite the failure of his memory, he still show love and concern for granddaughter, and Karen by patience, understanding and showed her love spending time with my grandfather.

The scene, reyes said, could happen in a family, looking at the AD and actually making her feel like she was looking at her father in later life. “The scene is so real and the performance is natural,” she said.

“If the presentation is simple and clear, the AD will be memorable, whether it’s humor, drama or life,” reyes said.


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