Beyond the two souls REMASTERD: beyond the game, adventure continues.


Beyond the two souls REMASTERD: beyond the game, adventure continues.

The Beyond Two Souls was released on The Playstation 3 alone in 2013 and was a powerful successor to his brother, Rain Rain. Cross-media border between films and video games, he even allow myself to truly command the real role of actors in motion capture, all of the accuracy and detail, absolute limit of the machine. Alan page and William dafoe used a joystick to send us back to our movie night.

But for developers, creativity is not always easy, especially when they work by critics in different systems to half of the players screaming scandal screaming while the other half to the elves. Quantity dreams are one of them.

Ignore their work, their game “storm” (2006) generated by is not harmonious, passionate motion capture that got us into a small team of breathtaking adventure, keep the style of the mechanic been as effective. So, facing an interesting video landscape, and depending on its success, can we promote a niche that won’t please everyone? Games or not? A movie or not? Happy or boring? Let’s see…

Hello, darkness, my old friend…

Our story begins in a remote mountain area of the United States. An intervention team cautiously approached the local police station. Inside, you can hardly see the tired face of a girl at most 22 or 24, talking to an awkward agent. The girl’s idea is clear, the next time… She’ll kill them.

The armed groups enter the business premises. At the door of the interrogation room, the outline of the girl appeared. Explosions, shadows, tears and screams. The soldiers have passed away, leaving a chaotic scene.

Like movie trailers, the problem appears on their own heads. The answer is that they need a little more time to get there.

After this thrilling and introduction, we are many years ago a isolation, on the basis of military couples in a special little girl Jodie shoe, the paranormal catalyst, Judy is closely related to an invisible entity, she named Eden, seems to follow her every day, too much to protect her, keep her adoptive parents.

During the game, we will follow Jody in different time. We are going to take a time of the lintel, to achieve its adventure, to jump from one period to another, which makes the narrative and advance of the well-conceived plot. The special education, treatment center, adolescent passion, or field trip, all of the circumstances are conducive to our lives and to feel the relationship between Judy and his entity. In addition to the wonderful or supernatural aspects, this is also the evolution of the relationship and the meaning of the relationship we will discover. In a dark world, science fights irrationality with the conscience of the government, and your choice will be decisive, and the future of your loved one is closely related.

The themes of death, life, family, wandering, love, social status, or scientific boundaries are topics that are dealt with outside the two souls, like some film creation. In order to avoid exposing too much, we will analyze the gameplay, graphics, eye and contribution of the movie, including the repair version. We’ll be willing to put the details aside. To be frank with you… And play!

There are no explosive trailers, this is a rare underline.

Gameplay: Deus Ex MachinAiden

There used to be a very smart person (or very drunk) saying: the comparison is incorrect, but…

The game beyond the two souls is divided into two distinct parts. On the one hand, jdi is his humanity, on the other hand, Eden and his whole knowledge. Therefore, we found that the mechanical Quantte Dream expensive QTE and the exploration phase in the restricted environment.

The heavy rain there provides tension and relatively difficult to them, success or failure has a significant impact on the story unfolds, Quantic Dream here, chose a simple game, for players to face them stage under the pressure of very relative. But let’s start from scratch.

Judy and aidan are inseparable, you can use triangle buttons between the two main characters for leisure. Every kind of circumstance, there are several solutions, choose to play Eden or Jody, to understand the way the game will have a significant impact, Jody’s actually want to firmly towards the human nature, we went back to the classic reflex action plan or order is key, Eden to them more “metaphysics”, and will take the form of a bright spot, in particular need maintenance, deleted, close, and even used to create the “path” of energy between two characters.


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