Eisen bernardo combines album covers and art in the new series


CT: who or what effect did you have?

EB: I can say I was influenced by the pop culture movement and influenced by artists like Andy Warhol and Annie Leibovitz. But my exposure to the Internet and other popular media has largely influenced my view of my work.

Eisen bernardo combines album covers and art in the new series

After his series of Mag + Art successes, multimedia producer and author Eisen Bernardo turned his attention to music and Art. Placing the iconic album cover on an important piece of art, Bernardo created a unique dichotomy, a clever seamless integration with existing images. We talked to him about his process, his inspiration and his plans for the future.

CT: can you tell us something about your background?

EB: I am an exchange practitioner. I work as a writer and multimedia designer at the asean center for biological diversity. I am responsible for organizing communication, education and the concept of publicity materials, writing, designing and making. So basically what I’m doing is applying the art. But when it comes to art (in academic terms), I don’t have formal training. I just think of it as a hobby. I have no formal training for an artist. I have no art degree. But I think I’m part of the digital age where people can express themselves freely in different art forms. Social media makes people like me more likely to be noticed. We all know that the art world is an elite stage. But social media/the Internet democratized it, making it easier for everyone to accept.

CT: do you remember the first time you made a new image from two separate images? Does it give you a sense of something that you know is something that you have an affinity for?

EB: I like movies, music and other art forms of respect, similarity and reference. I compare Ed sheeran’s “thinking aloud” with Marvin gaye’s “let’s get started”. Or like I’m making a list of reference points before midnight. Like the + art collage series, I just feel that magazines and album covers (as in other contemporary art forms) are inspired by classical paintings direct (and/or indirect). Similarities and references can be observed. I just want to compare and contrast modern and classical aesthetics.

CT: how has your work changed/improved since your career began?

EB: before, I used purely visual terms to put contemporary covers and classical works together. I only considered key factors such as color palette and the same/complementary body parts/movements.

But when I get some feedback and say that my work is full of humor and satire, I also consider my collage. So, when I next batch + art image, I try to find, can produce the cover of the visual pun and painting or you can build a more meaningful connections (not only on the vision but also on the conceptual level). I just want to make every piece of work have a humorous or engaging effect on the audience.

CT: does Instagram change the way you work? Does it change what you share, or how do you share your work?

EB: actually, putting this album + Art Instagram Feed is an experiment. I’ve been on Tumblr for more than five years, and this platform really helped me expand my portfolio.

This time, I wanted to try a different social media platform, and I chose Instagram. My album + art IG account is only a month old and has opened new opportunities to showcase my work. In addition, thanks to more “personal” interactions on Instagram, my collage album cover album covers the chance to enjoy (Miguel, Mayer Hawthorne) and my work (Kacey Musgraves).


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