Surprising recent diversification.


Surprising recent diversification.

I must start saying that I like to change comic books. Unlike many fans, I have no objection. Change keeps characters and stories fresh… Unless mandated by the President to meet diversity quotas. This seems to be the case with the new American captain and thor who suddenly changed race.

Now, I don’t think I would have any problem if thor or the captain of the United States passes the ball at different times. There have been several separate instances, and one of them has already put on the name of captain America. So is thor, because anyone who is worth hammering in mjornir can use thor’s power. In other words, the power to use thor is not actually a thor. Captain America and superman used the hammer on different occasions, and they stayed. They had to use his hammer and wave the extra bonus. Thor was born and named thor, and this is his thor. So this new girl who is becoming thor is really not going to call himself thor because of his hammer. That is unless thor really becomes a girl in some sort of gender-bending supervillain.

All of this said, I can’t really get mad at these changes until I see how they affect their respective cartoon titles. I’m not a big fan of Thor, because it seems to be a little bit up and down on the issues I’ve read. So maybe that’s why I care more about this change. One of my favorite writers, Rick Remender, wrote a pen for the captain of the United States, but the second arc, despite its early promise, did not reach the first curve. I’m glad to see the falcons in the captain’s footsteps, because he seems to make sense to the character. Although part of me wanted his own things to be renamed in the direction of the “eagle of justice”, because he kept his signature wings (only joking, of course, the name changes). I wish they could change his clothes a little bit, because I didn’t fall in love with it at first sight. I hope marvel will add more classic stars and stripes to it.

So in the end, I think the potential of these changes have a very good story, but they feel are Marvel executive force to preach news and controversial, at the same time trying to calm a few more superhero diverse voices in the minority. It is interesting to note that the role of falcon previously in this identity is used as a diversified employment, only in the story, he saw a bureaucrats trying to add to the list of the avengers alliance, just to make left he hates the idea of role, in the cause of the team, in addition to record his stars as a hero. In the end, both thor and captain America will return to their roots, as one of the big comic book companies is a fan of their love for the restoration of their own radical change.

You’re worried that it’s going to affect the movie world, and I’m sure it won’t, but I don’t mind seeing Anthony McGee fit to be the next captain of the team.


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