TV dramas are changing the victors of history wars, and people are not happy.

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TV dramas are changing the victors of history wars, and people are not happy.

Imagine if the south had the upper hand in the American civil war, or did the germans win the second world war? The history of a lot of acting is causing a stir.

New York City’s subway cars are packed with promotional materials from the amazon TV show “people in tall castles.” This piece of art is by the mayor Bill DE blasi Mr (Bill DE Blasio) put forward the request and the abolition of the art of the iron cross Nazi replaced the stars of the flag of the United States and Japanese style of Japanese design.

The nazis at Buckingham Palace! “Last year it announced an untimely headline on the daily mail online, in an article about the BBC series ss-gb, which describes the shooting in London.

According to Len Deighton’s 1978 novel, which explores the alternative history of Allies losing the second world war, germans now occupy London.

Its premise is similar to amazon’s “high castle”. Now in the third quarter, the show is a novelist Philip Dick (Philip k. Dick) on a loose adaptation of the world, in this world, the axis of victory, the United States is divided into three parts, each part is controlled by a winner.

Watch the SS-GB trailer.

For decades, alt-history has been a catchphrase for dystopia and science fiction. But the recent prominence on television has sparked debate about which alternatives might be allowed to portray.

A classic example is the HBO show “Confederate”, created by HB Weber and David Benioff. They are Game of Thrones.

The alliance is an alternative view of the United States after the civil war. According to benioff, the premise is based on a simple question: “if the south wins, what will the world look like?

A will be considered on slavery there is still a program, is the direct reaction of too much anger, blogs and twitter have accused the creators use black pain and history to add value for shock entertainment, focus on the conflict of the bloodiest in American history.

HBO has said that while the network “respects” criticism, it wants people to stick to their judgment until they have a real criticism, not a precondition.

In one of the most plausible criticisms alliance to imagine, winner of the Pulitzer prize, coates, tower to the west, said in a recent Atlantic, have to make the show and a comparison between the high castle as significant differences.

It is important to note that he pointed out that, in fact, the Nazi lost the war, many surviving leaders for war crimes trial and execution, and the leader and symbol and no punishment or deprived by American life and culture.

For black americans, so “the war has ended, not for us, at this time, southern blacks are still fighting for compete for votes and fight a President (former President of the United States) and similar President Andrew Jackson is unthinkable. ”

Watch the trailer for the first season of the high castle.

Perhaps coates and other critics may be more receptive to a new display from amazon, as well as another history of America’s post-civil war.

“Black America” Will be produced by two black creators, Will Packer and Aaron McGruder, which may be more imaginative than HBO’s creators.

Amazon’s programs don’t ask, if you have white slaves of the south won the world may be what appearance, but after the civil war, americans see the southern state of Louisiana, Mississippi and Alabama as compensation of slavery, formed a new country, called the new Chloe, with the domestic other region developed a relationship.

Now is not known, each show will eventually become what appearance, actually but before that the problem is: we will see a because of the economic explosion and nuclear explosion and displaced in Britain, Europe and the United States refugees arrived in central coast desperately pleaded with the temple, the east African nation along the way to learn a bit of humility?


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