How to make sure your Property24 list is valid and how to get the results you need.


How to make sure your Property24 list is valid and how to get the results you need.

Some organizations receive more than 200 panoramic views per month on Property24. Why are these agents so successful in attracting audiences? The P24 consultant Louis van der Vyfer gave some advice on how to use it correctly.

“When I looked at the listing statistics for, I noticed that there were a number of organizations that went on the market more than 200 times a month. Why did these agents do so successfully to attract audiences?

“When you have some important basic knowledge on the Internet on The Internet is a powerful tool. But there are things that make your list more effective:

Add enough information. Many agents list properties, but no instructions are added in the “Internet comment” field of “listing software”. Sell your property in words. You can also add notes to your bedroom, bathroom and kitchen.

Add enough photos. Many agents only add one photo. Explain the importance of the photo to the seller and take as many photos as possible. You can add up to 16 photos per list. Take as many photos as you can, and then choose 16 of the best photos.

The quality of the photos is very important. Buy a book about photography or take a photography course. Learn how to use digital cameras correctly.

Use a description to sell your property.

5. The first photo is important because it is a picture that the potential buyer shows when searching. Using the high quality “first photo” will get the buyer’s attention.

6. Make sure your list on Property24 is up to date.

7. Make sure that your agent logo is displayed next to your list. If you are unsure how to operate, please contact our service counter at 0860 11 9090. 8

After you have uploaded the list, please visit the Internet and view the list. Make sure the list and all the photos are displayed correctly.

9. Send your own text message via the list on the Property24 website to make sure it is working.

10. Make sure your contact information is correct.

Get in the habit of updating your stuff every week.

Check your “page view statistics” regularly. Look at the list of comments and try to find out why. See only a few comments and try to improve the list of listings by adding more photos and adjusting the sales price. 13

Use the reporting software to download and view your list. Make sure you know when your items are due and are removed from the Property24 website. If the listing needs to be extended, the “listing period” will be extended.

Become computer savvy. It’s never too late.

15. You can also use Property24 as a ticket drawer for exclusive agency. Tell the seller you want to list their property on The portal recently won the CNBC international real estate award, the best U.S. real estate portal in South Africa, making it a good place to go public.

List a seller’s property and then send a listing number to the seller via email or text, so he/she knows that the listing is over.

17. You can also paste links into your email to make it easier for sellers or buyers to click and enter the list.

18. Add the website address on your business card.

19. Get the email addresses of the buyers and investors you meet and send them a new list via email – send the list number or link to the list directly.

20. Go to the Property24 website and use the email button to send your list via E-mail to potential buyers. You can also email the email to yourself first, then format the email according to your preferences and then forward the list to potential buyers.

When you are in the list, choose the area (suburb) carefully. In some towns, agents only list their property under the city. (for example, stallenbosch: stallenbosch, not stallenbosch: central or stallenbosch: university) know your city and suburbs on Property24.

22. It is recommended that your buyer register Property Alerts on the website of Property24. Once a new property is listed, they will receive an email with a link to the list. To register, go to the website Property24 and click on the Property Alerts in the toolbox.

23. If your buyer registers a real estate alert, the sooner you do your list, the sooner they will be reminded of a new real estate list.



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