Character 5 animation: loft meeting of cafe Leblanc activity report.

Animal Kingdom Eat What You Kill Season 2, Episode 1 AIr Date: May 30, 2017 Pictured: Ben Robson, Ellen Barkin, Scott Speedman, Jake Weary †

Character 5 animation: loft meeting of cafe Leblanc activity report.

Ably, with the absence of Anne Takamaki, the incident began in the corner of “Ms. Anne’s surprise”. Anne wants a swimsuit audition and a souvenir. Then, the swimsuit was stolen and the thief had to be found. Midway through, the actors carried out a psychological test that centered on “suggestive swimwear,” and eight actors took part in a mini-rock paper scissors contest. The actor who lost the game was a thief. This is a very exciting event.

At the opening ceremony, everyone was talking to each other in order to prepare for the grand scheme of the present, but the main character was almost silent and too silent, so he was teased. The silent protagonist shouted, “this is performance time! The site instantly became hotter. After that, Lyn released a concert with her moving song. This time, she played three songs, “the last surprise”, “life will change”, “wake up, get up, go out” twice. The stereo concert was exciting from beginning to end.

After the first song was finished, the actor returned to the stage. Fukuyama waved, miyagi kissing otani gracefully came to the stage, sugita wearing masks, fox sato beautifully into her at the door, like her as a result, model back in the behind, east joking with the attitude of sexy, HuoXing dozen have a mysterious posture. Each actor displayed his personality in line on the stage. Many fans may realize that the actors are not unhappy.

The dress for the event is semiformal. From the beginning, sugida was in a joke mode, saying that the phantom thief’s (half) formal means concealed the laughter of the audience. At the end of the rock scissors, even without winning a round of wisdom, all alone. It is believed that the person who advises looking for a thief will eventually become a thief himself. Fans are also excited by hostar’s fantastic performance.

At the end of the activity, the words “new project” appear on the screen. They are familiar with the phrase “they will steal the world” and announce an adaptation of the 2018 television animation. Cheers and thunderous applause hung over the grounds. The main actors will be a-1 Pictures, like the original game and studio, and they have been involved in different series of characters.

The actor also looked delighted and sent a message to his fans: “from today’s event you will understand that this is just a taste of trying a TV series. “I want to see you at the next event.” “A friend is a good thing.” “anyway, we’ll say it again.” “It’s hard to get a heart, so treat us well.

“Goddess” is a global popular game that has sold more than 1.5 million copies. When the animated “goddess” 5 “animator” was released in September 2016, the anticipation for TV animation was growing. The work depicts the grand story of the city of Tokyo, where the main characters of the day are ordinary high school students and members of the phantom thieves at night. We can’t wait until 2018. We are looking forward to TV animation and future “too exciting” events.


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