BTS “love yourself” series of knowledge.


BTS “love yourself” series of knowledge.

As the best-selling k-pop album on the Billboard 200, expectations are high for the next album of BTS. But instead of releasing an album, the band revealed on Aug. 10 that they plan to abandon the new music in September and are leading the trend with a series of “love yourself” themes.

Although it is not directly related to their forthcoming new music, group has been through a variety of suggestive pictures and some video clips of amplifiers and their careers, in the past few days the new aspect of excited fans, are in love for their own creative narrative. The new content has hidden meanings, and new content already has BTS fans, the ARMY, looking for hints to help them understand the meaning of this new era.

If you’re not familiar with the team, or just struggling to keep up with the latest BTS project, here’s a little bit about “love yourself”.

“Love yourself” is the fourth age of BTS.

From day one, the seven-point ensemble highlights a personal theme, starting with the school trilogy and then transiting to “the most beautiful moments in life” and the latest wing series. Like other concepts, “love yourself” is prepared through music and visual elements to show its title in the form of art, although the BTS delegates said the poster is not “advance publicity BTS” part of the upcoming new album. ”

This is part of an extended story.

Since the release of “I need you” in 2015, the band has been releasing films and images of similar themes, opening the “most beautiful moments of life” series. Although school age emphasizes the trouble and worry is that the school-age youth new concept began to explore the love, like friendship, loss, death theme released by a whirlwind, and through a thought-provoking, beautiful video clips and images, and more of their albums. The team draws inspiration from the literature, including Herman Hesse’s Demman, and other creative collaborations with their projects.

This is not only their music and performance of a constant element, but a member of the BTS often for their daily life in the future release indicated that includes BBMA in May, the Rap Monster in his acceptance speech on behalf of the team “love yourself”.

It starts with some pictures.

From August 10, BTS dropped the eye-catching poster, releasing “love yourself” to members, starting with the Jungkook in a wheelchair and ending with gold (see below). The second set of images pairs the members together to form a sharp contrast, and then ends with Jin as a solo. All the posters contain phrases that reflect the final relationship and time. In Rap Monster and V, released on August 12, it contains “I am good” ambigram, which can be translated as “Save Me”, recalling a suicide prevention advertisement in Singapore in 2013.

There is a “most beautiful moment in life” backwards.

After the images, BTS’s BigHit entertainment company published a note on social media entitled “the most beautiful moments in life”, linking love to its own time. Credit, a “June 13, 22” memo tells the story of each member’s fight and separation, and then announces, with great fanfare on a cliff, that he was in a car accident.

We already have video, and there’s more.

Since Aug. 15, scroll of BTS has issued three bright spots, with women in all kinds of interactive cases showed seven members, and by the BTS reflect the passage of time, the beauty of life, as well as the influential point in life. The overall significance of the BTS and Love Yourself series is unknown, but BTS’s company has revealed through the news that the entire Love Yourself project is included in the first clip.

Each video released so far has a single Chinese character subtitles, the handing down of the Chinese characters in Korean knot or 기 승 전 phrase. The term is used to describe the four steps of narrative composition: introduction, development, direction and conclusion. So far, issued by each video consistent with the one of the elements, today cut dramatically advance the plot line, shows the hustle and bustle of BTS members shot in the streets of Seoul, their feet down, wash your hands, and other similar things intense moments.

Smeraldo is a hot topic.

On August 9, Jin Shared a photo with a red and white blue flower, titled “smeraldo,” and the Italian word “emerald” caught the attention of the ARMY around the world. Fans soon found an Instagram account that sold flowers, even though there were no such flowers.

These smeraldo flowers have already appeared in BTS Love Yourself photos and video images, but the group has not yet revealed the importance of their upcoming September issue.

Many are unknown.

Love yourself is a new element that will last until 2018, but BTS hasn’t revealed much yet – or even directly related to their new album. We know that there will be a new music in September, but the format, title and release date are unknown. Please wait for Billboard to learn more.


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