Why is watching French movies the best way to learn the language?


Why is watching French movies the best way to learn the language?

Textbooks and tired conversation is necessary, but the most relaxed, open eyes on culture and learning French is easy and pleasant way is to go to the movies, and of course a notepad, written from the French lost the gong Kerjean.

Lost in French in Paris with English subtitles running French film night. The co-founder, Manon Kerjean, explains why it’s best to go to the movies and make the best decisions.

You walk around Paris, grabbing every word of the conversation around you.

All of a sudden, the things you learned from these French lessons are slowly disappearing.

“Why don’t I understand? That’s not what I learned!

Anyone who has studied a foreign language knows that this is more than just translating words.

While it’s hard to practice listening and comprehension, one solution is more interesting and interesting than others: going to the cinema.

The first step to learning French.

Now, before you take the subway to the local cinema, consider the following tips to make the most of your experience.

Watching movies with music is a perfect starting point.

Listening to music allows you to hear the clear pronunciation of the words, because these phrases are easier to attract.

The song is repeated, so maybe through the last chorus, you will sing together.

Some of the great movies about music are La FamilleBelier, starring French superstar Louane Emera. The film is a young woman raised by a deaf-mute parent who dreams of becoming a singer.

Les Choristes (The Chorus) is a good classic for a teacher to change The life of a boy’s boarding school through music.

These films are not only a good way to learn French, but also pick up some French songs on the way.

If you are tired of being the puns and French idiom together will feel confused, then try the LePrenom name (what) this comedy – a funny film about family dinner, a little out of control.

There was also a talk in The popular film, The Dinner Game, about The unfortunate name of a man who found The name “pun”.

“… Il s’appelle Juste Leblanc.

-arbon, am I not?

– Je viens DE vous le dire Juste Leblanc… Votreprenomc ‘estfrancois, c’est juste? Eh bien lui c’est pareil, c’est Juste… ”

And in English…

“… His name is Juste LeBlanc.

– he doesn’t have a name?

– I just told you, Juste Leblanc… Your name is Francois, isn’t it? Same for him, Juste. -… ”

Finally, when you’re in a movie theater, it’s a good idea to carry a pen and notepad with you.

In this way, you can use the translation of the way to write down any new phrases you hear, pronounce difficult words, even you find interesting nonverbal cues, so that the next time you visit your favorite French country, you can really feel the feeling of the local.

Listen to French in action.

When you’re sitting in a movie theater, you hear a lot of new, everyday words, phrases, and slang that you can add to your vocabulary.

The ability to speak colloquial language is like a medieval voice and someone who can really speak the language.

The importance of this adaptability is compelling in L ‘esquive, a 2005 TV series where young students will participate in the drama.

They are entwined with the classical language and must learn how to speak correctly, as well as to try to speak like a place in a foreign language.

Language Master

Understand the accent

Think about your country – there must be different dialects and accents.

It’s the same in France, so the everyday French phrases you’ve known for years may sound completely different in other parts of the world.

The difference between the French accent is the “Bienvenue chez les Ch’tis”, a comedy about people forced to move to the north in southern France.

This classic focuses on how to embrace change and laugh at yourself in an uncomfortable situation, something that can be done at any time in the world.

The famous drama from Quebec also highlights the differences between French accents. Mother is a widowed mother who is trying to deal with her violent son, which is an absolute must.

To demonstrate the diversity of French accents, when French films are shown, subtitles must be shown so that everyone can understand what they say.


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