The childhood of the concert hall


The childhood of the concert hall

Charlie Chaplin recalls, in his early time, his mother, a music hall singer, will take him to the theatre, where he will be standing by listening to her and other ACTS of a drama:

“My mother often takes me to the theatre in the evening, rather than leaving me alone in the house.”

He also recalled his father, a famous frontman, also known as Charlie Chaplin, at the Canterbury concert hall. He also tells how his mother used to entertain him and his stepbrother by singing, dancing, reciting and imitating other artists during happy times at home. When he first appeared on the stage at the age of five, his mother was performing in front of a tough audience in the Aldershot canteen, which was mostly composed of soldiers. When her voice broke, she could not continue, and Charlie was pushed to her place. Already a natural performer, he appears to have sung the success of two current songs, stopping in the middle to pick up the COINS that were thrown by surprise and amused audiences.

In addition to the experience surrounding the music of the concert hall, Chaplin often tells the story of “music into my soul”. He went back to the empty house from school, waited a few hours to arrive, and walked down the street, where he was:

“All of a sudden, there’s music. Ecstasy! It came from the lobby of the white corner bar, ringing loudly in the empty square. The tune is the honeysuckle and the bee, playing the brilliant feat of the violin and the clarinet. I have never felt the melody before, but this song is beautiful and lyrical, happy and happy, so warm and reassuring. I forgot my despair and crossed the path of the musician… It was here that I first discovered music, or where I learned its rare beauty for the first time. From that moment on, this beauty made me happy and troubled… ”

In 1898, at the age of nine, Charlie began his career at the British concert hall, a group of teenage gangsters, “eight Lancashire”.

Music’s role in kano’s short story.

He will stay at the theatre, alternating between jobs and unemployment until he becomes one of the stars of the Fred Karno comedy sketch company. With cano’s company, he went to the United States to visit a variety of diversions across the continent. His strong reaction to music clearly influenced his comic book script, which was marked by strong rhythmic and temperament characteristics from the beginning.

Music has played an important role in the carnot sketch, for example, by making an effective comedy comparison with the intricate melodies of the 18th century. In an interview with John McCabe, karno rector Stan laurel recalled that during his trip to the United States in 1912, Charlie:

Lift the violin as much as possible. If the string turns upside down, he can play with his left hand and he will practice for hours. He had bought a cello and was used to carrying it with him. At these times, he was always dressed like a musician, a long fawn with green velvet cuffs and collar and a loose hat coat. And he’ll let his hair grow back. We never know what he should do next. “

Chaplin himself recalled:

“On this tour, I took the violin and the cello. From the age of 16, I practiced in my bedroom for four to six hours a day. Every week I learn from the theater conductor or the person he recommends. When I play with my left hand, my violin is left-handed and the bass bar is playing. I have the ambition to become a concert artist, or, if not the, I put it to use on the variety show, but with the passage of time, I realized that I can never achieve excellence, so I gave up. “In my life,” Chaplin wrote sarcastically, “as for the cello, I can fit it well, but it’s all.

In Paris at FoliesBergere in Paris, Debussy asked for a meeting with Chaplin after seeing kano — he was only 20 years old — and told him: “you are instinctively a musician and a dancer. When Charlie didn’t even know who gave him such a compliment, but said in his autobiography, that year “Debussy introduced to England he labyrinth of England, this is a boos, walked out of the” audience.

Charlie Chaplin music.

By the end of 1913, Chaplin had left kano for film work in the United States. During his early career, he visited Tannhauser at the Metropolitan Opera in New York.

“I’ve never seen a big opera, only a variety show – I hate it. But now I have a sense of humor. I bought a ticket and sat in the second circle. The opera is German. I can’t understand a word of it, and I don’t know the story. But I wept bitterly when the dead queen was blown up to the music of the pilgrims’ chorus. This seems to sum up my life’s hard work. (… I left lim and my mood was shattered. ”

In his films, music is still everywhere:

“The simple tone gives me a comic image. In a program called “20 minutes of love,” I took the cops and the babysitters, filled the park with crappy stuff and nonsense, and two of the “too many mustard” I had in 1914

Soon after, Chaplin’s fame is so great, so much so that he became a variety: the theme of the song “in the field” stupid girl “is doing Chaplin’s Numbers, with a beard, Derby hat, big shoes and baggy pants defiled their beautiful, sing the Charlie Chaplin’s feet.


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