Call of duty: world war ii.


Call of duty: world war ii.

“History repeats itself”, apparently Activision’s motto is that they decided to return the roots of “call of duty” to CoD in the second world war. Honestly, it’s a good choice. In the last two games, the advanced and infinite wars were mixed reviews from players. All that gorgeous range and running on the wall makes players tired of being superheroes. Instead, CoD: the second world war tells the story of a regular squad in one of the bloodiest battles in history. Multiplayer games have new functions such as headquarters and war mode, which bring freshness to the game. The Nazi zombie transfers its confusion in more difficult circumstances. Of course, players and critics have noticed some minor flaws and inconsistencies. Still, its fans enjoy a reliable sense of mission.

Start again on the ground.

The solo campaign began in Normandy beachhead in 1944 until the liberation of Paris. You play a private daniels, a young American soldier with no special skills or even past experience of war. This story is more about the relationship between combatants in a war zone than with a super soldier. A game is a step back from self-repair, so now you need to stay low and use healthy packs. Your squad helps you fight for survival and progress (also called a strike), supplies you with ammunition, grenades, and, more importantly, drugs for you. Private daniels isn’t the only part of the sport you’ll be involved in. Some missions are characterized by pilots, tanks and scouts. People can agree with the critics that there is nothing new in these scenes, guns and serious script tasks,

Call of duty

Many people

After seven hours of exercise, you will inevitably try multiplayer games. Despite the European setting in 1944, the fighting felt clean and fast-paced. The sledgehammer was brought back from CoD3 to a remake of the war mode. Each team should achieve goals through several phases. Your team should accomplish different tasks, such as sending a tank or building a bridge, and the opposing team will try to stop you. Unfortunately, this model now has only three maps. In addition, players can choose one of the five legendary WW2 divisions to pave the way for unique training, unlocking grants and combat skills, rather than choosing a class for the role. The old model of death contests and governance is 12 new maps, feeling classic and powerful.

Call of duty

Headquarters is a new thing, in the center of the social, the player can get the order and contract, weapons in shooting range test, open the supply chain, watch Cody events, and even play mini games. Another great addition is the profile of men and women and the choice of skin tones. Activision did not forget the zombie device, which became increasingly difficult and creepy. To survive the nazis, you need some skill and a lot of teamwork. The story of the deep narrative, the fresh characters, the intense music, the dark mode of cooperation is still interesting.

The judgment

Call of duty: world war ii does not require an apology for campaign or multiplayer games. The latest technology to return to “boots on the ground” is a wise decision. Even if we never see a revolutionary CoD game like modern warfare or CoD2, the game leaves a good feeling.


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