Artist focus: kondo 5 – sculptor/prop department.


Artist focus: kondo 5 – sculptor/prop department.

Artist focus: kondo 5 – sculptor/prop department.

One of the great things about working in the stop-motion animation industry is the opportunity to meet so many talented and amazing artists. Part of running the magazine is to focus as much of the spotlight as possible on the artists. This specialized form of art requires many different skills and is not readily available. So in this first artist’s spotlight, we want to shine a light on Mr. Goto. She was a young, talented artist, and I met this artist by working on the rolling leaves of the prime minister of the amazon. Her ability is inspiring, and humility is something we can all strive for. Here’s a brief interview with Hiroe to get a better idea of who she is and what she did. You can also check out

SMM – how do you learn sculpture?

Hiroe – very self-taught and I think about it. I’m still learning.

SMM – what is your motivation as an artist?

Hiroe – I don’t know… I think I’m looking for what I want to do and what I love to do as a child. When I had to choose a high school to go to, I don’t want to just learn math or English (I am a stupid child), also want to do other things, so I chose a industrial design technology high school, because I have been doing some art. I don’t call myself an artist, although I am just a sculptor now, maybe I will…

SMM – how do you get into stop-motion animation?

Hiroe – start my own business, I do SFX makeup, but I also want to learn more, and Charged studio in New York made a project practice, after I started doing makeup and stop the action, but because I moved from Los Angeles in some way, I have been working in stop sports more. I like stop-motion animation, making props and carving characters, which is interesting, but I still like live performances, because I like to carve life-size figures or animals.

SMM – what are your favorite clay figurines?

Hiroe – it must be clay on Wednesday. There are pros and cons, but I just like the way it feels. I can feel and shape with my hands and feel like “I carve”. It is very easy to mold and can be sculpted very quickly. However, it is difficult to use during the performance.

SMM – what type of tool do you use and your large sculpture?

Hiroe – it depends on what kind of material is carved. The larger scale usually we have to use styrofoam because of the cost. In this case, I use a hot wire and a chainsaw to get good rough shape, wire brush, file details and sandpaper. One time, I made a 12-foot long head, and we carved the head and torso with the water-based clay, and molded and cast it with latex and flexible foam, which was really interesting and cool.

SMM – where do you learn to make sets and props?

Hiroe – at work. Every store and everyone has different skills, so I watch them steal skills.

SMM – what’s your favorite item?

Hiroe – Humm.. I have a few.. You can’t completely decide which one is your favorite.

– pigs; For a short video “La Ricetta”. A life-size pig, carved from silicone, was stuffed with guts. In shooting they cut the appetite and the courage to come out and be angry. It’s the beginning of my career, so it’s probably wise that I can do better now, but it’s still like a shot, and I wish I could keep the pig.

– 1.5 “small shoes; The performance of an artist, and the sculpture production of E year. I like shoes, and I like making shoes (especially fan).

– the manatee; For “tumbling leaves”. This is about 12 “props, and appears in the second and third quarters, and in the fourth quarter there is a new” manatee “. Please check amazon’s gold in 2018!

SMM – what type of tool and clay do you use when carving characters?

Hiroe – I use Chavant clay (plasteline modelin g clay). I like to use metal carving tools and use a lot of rakes. Sometimes I make my own engraving tools for specific shapes.

SMM – favorite animated movie?

The Nausicaa in the valley of the wind, castle in the sky and toy story.

SMM – how does it feel to work on a Tumble Leaf?

Hiroe – that’s cool. The program is functional quality, I like the color of the program, and how they are animated. Everyone is professional and talented. I was the only sculptor in the shop, so I took the responsibility because they believed me and made me do what I liked, so I liked to answer them.

SMM – you have a dream project. Do you want to work?

Hiroe – I don’t have a particular project to do, but I love English movies, so I’d love to work on some British films. And working around the world, it’s my dream job.

As you can see, he is a very talented artist, and we hope to see more of her great work in the future.

If you have an artist and you feel that you should be in the “spotlight magazine”, please feel free to send us the following comments.


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