The father of the girl who tried to kill her playmate to impress the terror, said the “slim man” had a bad taste.


The father of the girl who tried to kill her playmate to impress the terror, said the “slim man” had a bad taste.

Bill Weier, the father of Anissa Weier, said on Wednesday that he hoped the theaters would not be released in May.

“It’s ridiculous that they want to make a movie like this,” said bill vail.

An Internet description of a slender man. Photo: provided

“The universal tragedy is what we are doing. I am not surprised, but in my opinion, it is very disgusting. All we have to do is expand the suffering of these three families. ”

Media relations officials at SONY pictures didn’t respond to two emails from the company’s general inboxes for reporters to check.

Will and Morgan geyser lured a classmate, Payton Leutner, to a wooded park in Waukesha, Milwaukee, in 2014. There, the fountain stabbed Leutner 19 times, narrowly missing her heart, and he urged her. Leutner managed to climb out of the woods to a passing place, and the cyclist found her. She survived the attack.

Will and gether told the detectives that they had to kill leitner to prove to the slim that they were worthy to be his servants and to protect their families. All three girls were twelve when the attack occurred.

Geyser, 15, admitted to having committed a first-degree murder charge with a prosecutor who had asked her to spend at least 40 years in a mental hospital when she was sentenced in February. The 16-year-old was sentenced to 25 years in a psychiatric hospital last month after pleading guilty to second-degree murder.

On September 29, 2017 file photo, two girls in Wisconsin, one of the Morgan gaither (Morgan Geyser) tried to kill a classmate, to impress the imaginary terrorist role Slender Man (Slender Man), the state of waukesha county court for trial. Photo: ap

Created by Eric Knudson on the Internet in 2009, the “slender man” is an image of a mythical ghost that has been edited into everyday children’s games. He is often portrayed as a slim figure in a black suit, with a white face. He has become a popular monster and appears in video games and online stories.

SONY made”

Slender Man

“Marks the first full-length function of the character. This picture was directed by Sylvain White, who was also in 2007.

Stomp the Yard”

The main character, named Javier Botet as “slim man”.

The studio released a trailer Wednesday. From preview is not clear whether the film contains a Wisconsin any content in the case, but in a scenario, the wall is covered with thin people of similar to intermittent drawing sketch drawing. Other scenes show the slim man stalking a girl in the woods, a girl stabbing her head with a scalpel in school and bleeding a classmate.

Anthony Cotton, a lawyer for the fountain, declined to comment on the film. A spokesman for the Leutner family didn’t immediately respond to emails and voicemails.

Elongated people are cited as a factor in other crimes. After a few days of stabbing in Wisconsin, a 13-year-old girl in Hamilton county, Ohio, attacked her mother with a knife. Mother told wlwt-tv that she thought the girl was obsessed with slim men. In September of the same year, a 14-year-old girl in ridgeport, Florida, lit her house. The sheriff’s representative said she was reading a book called.

Soul eater

After reading an e-book and reading “slim people,” the fire started.


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