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Since The turn of The century, The British band The Go! The team used to sell on a happy overload, from records, guest singers to drummers and raucous singing, all filled with records. All these different ingredients together, forming a Technicolor speeding and frolic, whirlpool, suitable for rough beer barrels, children’s birthday party and almost all of the celebration.

The Go has a greedy quality! The voice of the team, like the team of Ian Parton, embodies many times and continents. For the half-circle, he traveled to the Midwest to collect the voices of young musicians and organize a band to fulfill his vision. As you might expect, the results sound familiar and energetic, and the ever-changing arrangements make the children energetic.

Conceptually, the semicircle attracted patton’s fascination with marching bands, and their footsteps and jingles entered many of these tracks. “Song of semicircle” will be Detroit youth choir warm voice combined with steel drums and solid Angle, parton recorded many musical instrument from a distance, better to reproduce in a parade or a football match you hear sounds. In the whole half circle, go! The team exudes youth and energy – the hopeful voice outside the window is opened to allow more light to enter.

Well, let’s get this straight from the start. Island, a new book by Max Brooks (yes, the guy who wrote the end of the earth, that is not taken into good brad Pitt’s movie good zombie book) is about my world. Video game “my world”.

Not a non-fiction book about the creation of “my world” and its impact on society. Not a guide to Minecraft (though, in a strange way, this is one). This is a novel in the universe of my world.

I think it’s important, because until I open it up, I kind of don’t believe what it’s going to be. I don’t know why. Brooks has done all sorts of things in his career (novels, non-fiction, GI Joe comics, zombie apocalypse direct guides). But for some reason, I just don’t believe that he will go all out to make the island a what kind of person – a man about a (unknown) the official story, the rules of “my world”. The game is over because there is a lack of a more subtle way to express – the tired metaphor that has existed since the Tron. Start with video.

But beyond that, islands are one of four things, depending on who is reading. If you are a grumpy adults, the lack of imagination, recognized the name of the Brooks, just because you didn’t choose this book, this is a site of one of the most famous writers to write novels. It’s fun, but you’ll soon get bored (or angry, or both).

Seeing a writer like Brooks is forced to work in the narrow confines of the universe, the universe has no physical meaning at all… Is to see all the radiation and the process of the gear exposure.

If you’re a weird book reviewer (and perhaps sometimes) too much reading, the island is a fascinating experiment in building the world and telling stories. See a writer like Brooks was forced to work in a narrow range of the universe, the universe did not have any physical meaning – like eating even basic things from its own a set of rules, these rules are fundamentally absurd, unlike us here on earth, see the spokes and gear exposed all the process. I totally like this thing, as a master’s thesis of internal consistency in genre literature.

If you’re a child – a freak of Minecraft, or just a curious person, like a good story – it’s a risky venture yarn; Robinson Crusoe’s digital age. In fact, you don’t even need to know anything about the game. Everything from the weird physics on the page to the crawler is on your page. In addition, there are exploding cattle and fecal jokes, so, you know, it’s fun.

My world’s business model: a video game that makes you lonely.

The planets of money

My world’s business model: a video game that makes you lonely.

Why would Minecraft be a healthier child than television?

Shooting – health news.

Why would Minecraft be a healthier child than television?

Finally, if you are a parent, consider whether it is suitable for the summer as a line in your life pupil reading materials, you should know that the whole thing is a series of intelligent life course, the composition of the language and the environment will make those who may not like on more than 200 simple reading page lecture children become more delicious.

That’s what I think Brooks wants. Most of the chapters start with “panic meditation” or “taking care of your environment, so you can take care of you”, if any. Next, the text shows the aphorism. “Putting people first” is about planning ahead. “Everything has a price” is the moral price of discussing the killing of animal food. At the end of the book, Brooks also lists some of the life lessons he learned while playing Minecraft, just in case you missed something you were doing.

If you’re a parent, consider whether this is a good summer reading material for a small nerd in your life, and you should know that the whole thing is a smart set of life lessons.

But what about children? In any case, they will not notice, or not immediately. Brooks hid the drugs well, and the pages ranged from action to complexity to solutions in the bizarre fog of video games. It begins with the unknown protagonist waking up in the sea to a desert island run by the heavy cubist physics of the Minecraft world. The protagonist does not understand how this happened. He did not know the rules of the place, but found its laws and limitations by trial and error.

The trouble here? The protagonist is very human. It comes from our world and reacts in a credible (if simple) way to a universe where different laws of physics apply. He experienced fear, anxiety and triumph. He made friends with a cow and some sheep. He fought for his life, and in the end, they were better prepared to move on. This is the hero’s journey, the pocket edition. A person’s Illiad.

It even has some zombies. Because without them, it wouldn’t have been Max Brooks’s book.

Jason Sheehan knows about food, video games, books and Starblazers. He is currently a restaurant critic for the Philadelphia magazine, but when no one is looking, he spends time writing books about giant robots and radiation guns. “The story of the age of radiation” is his latest work.


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