Avocado injuries are real. Is no nuclear fruit the answer?


Avocado injuries are real. Is no nuclear fruit the answer?

Look, the cocktail avocado. No, it’s not a strange cucumber. It is the latest in a string of innovations by mark & spencer, a British retail chain.

According to an Instagram post from M&S itself, “this is the avocado you never knew you needed”. That may be because the British press is pushing them to answer the question of “avocado,” and the surgeon gives a name to the cut of avocado.

As avocados become more popular, more and more people are apparently cutting themselves. While there is no official global data showing how many people have hurt themselves in this way, there are plenty of anecdotal reports.

In Britain, surgeons report more and more avocado injuries. The emergency room in London reported the accident. “It’s a heavy price to pay for breakfast,” the independent said.

British plastic, reconstruction and cosmetic surgery association chairman David Ward told NPR: “shea butter hand” can lead to surgery, because people will cause severe nerve and tendon injuries, the degree of the damage, need specialist reconstructive surgery, worse might make you did not make full use of your hands, so this is a special relationship to the trend of public health.

‘it’s a more common problem than you might think,’ says Dr. Ward. ‘plastic surgery units treat these patients regularly.’

Earlier this year, ward’s team called for a simple warning label on avocados to tell people how to cut off the avocado safely. Association secretary and former President of the RCP plastic surgery department Simon Eccles (Simon Eccles) told London’s times newspaper: “maybe we can draw an avocado with the cartoon images, through a large Red Cross it?”

In New Zealand, the accident compensation company – a government agency that provides financial compensation to injured citizens – apparently paid more than $53,000 to the victims of the avocado incident.

So the cocktail avocado comes to the rescue.

These mini marvels are made from unblossomed avocado, which turns out to be fruitless.

Unfortunately, they only grew up in Spain, and they went public only in December. M&S said at a news conference that the cocktail of avocados is usually reserved for “chefs at the top of the restaurant”, and M&S has been able to buy a small amount of avocados this year.

I am one of the few lucky non-gifts to buy a box of six boxes for 2 pounds ($2.67). According to M&S, the whole fruit is edible, including skin.

The judgment? Perhaps avoid skin, unless you also enjoy the taste of orange pulp or grass. Hands off easily.

The rest is good – just like an ordinary avocado, minus the taste of blood.

If you can’t make a cocktail of avocado, you can see a good tutorial here, how to cut a normal one without slicing through your hands.


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