Molly bloom and Aaron sorkin in the real story behind Molly’s game.


Molly bloom and Aaron sorkin in the real story behind Molly’s game.

Movie “Molly” (Sunday two golden globe) is, according to Molly Bloom (Moly Bloom) memoir written, skiing athletes of the Olympic Games sports career ended in dramatic elimination. While looking for some time at law school, bloom stumbled across the world of underground, risky celebrity poker. In the end, she found herself in the eyes of U.S. prosecutors, who was her role in organizing illegal games. They wanted to name the strong men who played on the table – but she refused.

The film’s screenwriter and director, Molly Bloom and Aaron Sorkin, considered NPR’s Michel Martin over the weekend. ‘Molly’s game doesn’t really involve the glamour of high-stakes poker,’ says Mr. Sorkin. “It’s a more personal, more exciting story.

That story began with the way bloom found underground poker. She told Martin: “after I left the U.S. ski team, there is a very sad, I just want to take a year, and I have a friend who lives in Los Angeles said I might be crashed on the couch, so I just did my adult first real spontaneous thing.

Her parents turned her off, so she got a job at night poker. “I see some of the most famous people in the world today,” she said. “… I’m a fly. I know all these different industries. … At night, people leaned toward me, and I made more money, more than I had spent the whole month. ”

Bloom grew up in a successful family – a brother who was a cardiothoracic surgeon at harvard education, and two olympians. “I’ve been looking for something that makes me feel effective, makes me feel like a person, makes me feel important, and I’ve found it,” she says.

In the end, bloom stepped out of the others’ game and started his own — a bigger leap in power and influence. “Eventually, I started to fund games and expand my credit,” she says.

But bloom has a complicated relationship with her players. She felt herself constantly resisting her power, saying that she was tired of “oppressing men and having to follow their own rules”.

Molly’s game is the ace in the hole.

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Molly’s game is the ace in the hole.

Then the fbi stepped in and took all of her property. According to blum, the prosecutor offered to restore her account and even clear her records if she handed over her player’s name. But, she said, “I made these choices… When I’m in trouble, I need to turn my body around and make me feel wrong. Bloom think, if that, she can get away with a few years in jail, but “trample on others, for their families and all other collateral damage – feels like a life sentence”.

Aaron Sorkin describes Molly’s game as “a story about decency”. “Molly is an honest god,” he said. “real-life movie heroines find in an unlikely place… It’s a moral story, and it’s easier to do the right thing when it’s wrong.


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