The Maddie medley has a “mature” in love


The Maddie medley has a “mature” in love

For the Nashville singer, songwriter and guitarist Maddie Medley’s new song “the new age”, this is an impressive loophole. The first and only instrument you heard in this song was her electric guitar. When she sings, it has an intoxicating look. This is a sound that immediately removes you from your feet. Like the early works of PJ Harvey, Medley stands alone on the side of the guitar, singing the “personal insights” of many twentysomethings – “mature” – in this case, love. “Now I don’t know what to do,” she said. “I have been told how to solve the problem. “I come to this age in the quietest way, you are looking at me, but I am not.”

In the past two years, medley has released three EP, two solo singles, and now “age”. New to the Nashville music scene, she began to play more frequently, but word of mouth, her strong and confident live performance was spreading. Her voice, whether it was rock or electric, was always the same. This is refreshing, refreshing and lyrical.

We asked Maddie a few questions about her beginning as a musician, some of her influence, and the feeling of being a new musician in Nashville’s independent music scene.

World cafe: how old were you when you first started playing and writing music? What were some of your early influences and inspirations?

Maddie Medley: I’ve been writing songs and poems since I was a child, about 7 or 8 years old. I remember being super moved by the “traveling soldier” of Dixie Chicks for some reason. I started playing guitar at the age of 11, but it wasn’t until I was a teenager that I started listening to Fiona Apple and Hole, and my goal was to express my lyrics as much as possible.

Name the two or three artists you love – what are the examples of your appreciation of their songs or albums?

I think Dixie Chicks, Fiona Apple and Big Thief are the first three artists I love in my life. I think they all changed my style of writing and needed to change. When I was really young, I realized that honesty was the best policy for Dixie chicks’ “travel soldiers” and “goodbye count”. As for fiona apple, I remember when I was 14 years old, my face was on the kitchen floor, listening to “every single night,” and it didn’t make sense until that moment. She must have helped me refine the honesty I wanted to express. Then I heard the big robber “Lorraine” in the past year and was shocked by the words of Adrianne Lenker and the pure magic of the language she chose to use.

The independence scene in Nashville was on fire. What do you like?

There are a lot of things about Nashville independent music. This is a difficult energy to describe, and the lack of competitiveness is surprising. I think the most beautiful and perfect example of Nashville music right now is the DIY festival called Freezefest. A 21-year-old musician named Nordista Freeze has put it together for the past four years, and its support and support has been incredible. In the past year, there have been 120 bands in 25 minutes out of the deli, and thousands of people have come out to listen. This side of the Nashville music scene has a lot of love and inclusion, and I’m lucky to be part of it.


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