The senate is due to conclude negotiations on Monday.


The senate is due to conclude negotiations on Monday.

The senate will vote to end the shutdown by noon on Monday. Mitch McConnell, the senate majority leader, on Sunday night and plan to restore government spending three weeks, and consider immigration bill, and end of the bipartisan negotiations continue since Friday night trigger a part of the government shut down the deadlock.

Senate minority leader Charles schumer is opposed to Sunday night’s vote, but not on Monday.

“I am happy to continue talking with most leaders about reopening the government,” he said. “We have had several conversations, and the negotiations will continue, but we have not yet reached an agreement on the way forward that both sides can accept.”

The vote was scheduled for 1 a.m. Eastern time, but the senate was extended until 10 a.m. Monday.

If the standoff ends, Mr. McConnell said, “I intend to proceed with legislation on DACA, border security and related issues.”

By a bipartisan group of about 20 senators said earlier that they are close to an agreement, through the spending bill to open government, in return for a start immigration legislation work plan.

The group, which appeared on Sunday behind closed doors, was preparing to introduce a plan to allow both sides to withdraw from the increasingly consolidated position and vote to reopen the government. D – Del. Senator Chris Coons said the agreement would require the senate to quickly debate widespread immigration proposals in the hope of passing a bill in the coming weeks.

“There’s a much bigger conversation that’s actually going to make the senate work again,” Mr. Coons said. “It is important for Democrats and republicans to have a full public discussion of how to deal with border security and how to deal with the different recommendations of DACA.

“There’s going to be a breakthrough tonight,” said senator Lindsey Graham of rr.c in a conference room.

The positive attitude is very different from hostile statements made earlier Sunday in other parts of the senate.

Second in the senate republicans, Texas, John a.t. kearney (John Cornyn) said in a statement, the Democrats’ has been shot and killed, remounted gun, and shot the other foot “.

Democrats accused the republicans of “confronting innocent children with innocent children,” as senate minority leader, Charles schumer, said Sunday. Republicans have extended the popular child health insurance program for six years as part of its funding recommendations. CHIP expired last fall. But Democrats also hope that the Obama era’s “DACA” program will be granted legal status, which will confer legal status on those who enter the country illegally.

Several Sunday afternoon negotiators said they believed their plan would show leaders that there was a way forward. Maine senator Susan Collins says the plan is to help lead, not avoid them.

“We are trying to help them show their way forward,” Collins said. “Many senators from both sides are eager to find this path.”

Such a deal would allow both sides to vote to reopen the government without giving up their demands.

Republicans continue to reiterate that they will not negotiate with DACA in the event of a government shutdown. Democrats say the spending deal must also protect those who have been prevented from deportation by DACA.

“We now face the Democrats to an absolutely unreasonable position, said we will refuse to give in our nation’s service unit 2 million, thousands of border patrol agents trying to protect our country, on a problem that is not in the bill, even” the White House legal affairs director Marc Short (Marc Short) on Sunday also said this week. “It’s an impossible place to negotiate.”

President trump began his day Sunday, advising the senate to move beyond the 60-vote threshold required to push legislation.

Trump chirps released before 8 o ‘clock on Sunday morning, “I’m glad to see republicans and fight for our military and security at the border, DE, don’t just want to make illegal immigrants to our country.” If the stalemate continues, republicans should opt for 51% (nuclear option) and vote for a real long-term budget, not CR.

Mr. Trump acknowledged that the government spending bill would need 60 votes to pass the senate, which would require at least nine Democrats to vote for it. In theory, the republicans can vote to change its rules, as long as a simple majority of 51 through spending bill, just like what they to Neil gore (Neil Gorsuch) confirmed to the Supreme Court, but the lawmakers on both sides of the aisle have long opposed an option.

Senate minority whip durbin durbin, D – Illinois, on ABC’s this week said Sunday that “this will be the end of the senate, as it was originally designed and created back to the father of the founder of our company. “We have to recognize respect for the minority, and that’s what the senate has to do in terms of composition and procedure.”

In stalemate, trump the President’s re-election campaign released an advertisement, declared that “to block illegal immigrant Democrats will become every murder conspiracy”, this kind of attitude is almost no improve negotiation atmosphere. “The reality is that we have security concerns in our country,” defense said on Sunday.

The speaker of The house of representatives, Paul Ryan (Paul Ryan) in John Dixon (John Dickerson) on CBS ‘Face The Nation “(Face The Nation) on advertising, looks very surprised, and said,” I don’t know if it will be necessary, but The President of immigration have strong opinions and is no secret. ”

Senator Chuck Schumer, the senate minority leader, accused the President of acting out of spite after a one-on-one meeting at the White House on Friday.

“Trump the President’s stubborn attitude is more depressing, before change position and replaced, he seems to be obeyed the compromise way, talks with President trump like negotiating with Jell – O.” Schumer said Saturday.

Some congressional republicans have already begun talks DACA solutions, while others like trump the President wanted to linked with border security efforts, such as the construction of the wall in the southern border.

“We want to shift from a family-based system to a system based on the skills and values needed for the economy – complete common sense,” house speaker Ryan said Sunday. “The problem is that if we just in the absence of current reform DACA, after 5 years we will DACA problems, we want to solve the problem and the root cause of the problem.

Democrats say, Charles schumer, a meeting with the President on Friday proposed compromise border security, including the potential investment in the wall, trump initially seems to accept the money. The White House then called only hours later, and Democrats said they wanted to kill the negotiations.

Because of the shutdown, Mr. Trump has yet to appear or interview in public, though the White House says he has spoken to house majority leader Kevin McCarthy and California. And the senate majority whip John Cornyn, r-tex. And it is consulting with cabinet members about the impact of the shutdown on government agencies.

In the house of representatives, republicans approved a procedural measure that could prompt republican leaders to come up with a new expedient if a new spending agreement is reached.


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