Our love song: Abhi nomad, “marbling”


Our love song: Abhi nomad, “marbling”

Sometimes, the things we do to avoid pain end up driving us deeper. It was a desperate cycle for the nomads.

“Drink one side, smile again and pretend/ladies and gentlemen, welcome to the bottom,” the rapper said on “marble”. The song serves as a mixed metaphor, and Abhi tells the life of a monologue whose stage name is not just for performance.

Born in madras, India, he shuttled back and forth between Beijing, Hong Kong and new Delhi before getting a student visa in southern California a few years ago. Throughout his journey, he kept a close watch on music. “I was a victim of a 13-year-old naked metal age,” he told NPR. “pop punk was eliminated, so linkin park and blink-182 were one of my two favorite bands of my time. . “But a few years later, when I grew up and became less chaste, I found Kanye West and got me into hip-hop music, and Jay got me back. His upcoming album “Marbled” features a mix of rap and melody pop music.

The title track finds a never-ending cycle between what he describes as “isolation, obsession and constant change”. Delivered under an elastic rhythm, he covered up his temperamental truth, echoing the tendency of his late-night party revelry after the complicity of the chorus and the muted trumpet. At last, the song reveals abbie’s costume party and enters the sweet blues story. The way he dances in the rhythm of the rhythm, it’s easy to forget that this song is essentially a lost story of immigration.

He said: “all the past vices I have dealt with have come and gone like my friends and relationships I have left around the world. “But these experiences to our definition – they let us be ourselves, even regret things we need to celebrate, to remind us how far we’ve come, so we are plain life, this is what I am trying to show through the song and the whole album. “

America’s political impasse over immigration reform is not just an academic issue for the nomads. He was forced out of the United States – and his girlfriend and the music industry’s emerging future – after he failed to get an h1-b visa in 2016. In France, he went on to develop his SoundCloud, eventually with the iconic hip-hop label tommy boy.

Since then, he has returned to another student visa state university, studying at community college in Austin, Tex., hoping to use graphics or two-dimensional animation for MFA. But his best hope is that the country, which is about to realise its dream of music, will get a notorious talent visa. In a sense, he is singing to create a future that reconciles his marble past.

“I hate it because the us is currently debating immigration policy,” said Abhi. “To be honest, I think the United States has always needed a common enemy, and I think a lot of people want to use immigration as a scapegoat. I don’t even understand the logic. No matter who the President is, I can’t move here. It is not only a question of the present, but also a great awakening of the problem that has always been here.


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