A letter to pokemon go to the player from Ingress Fan.


A letter to pokemon go to the player from Ingress Fan.

Last week, pokemon, nintendo and Niantic released the augmented reality game pokemon go.

Through a smartphone applications, pull the map function, this is a “real world” of the game, need players to refer to his neighbor’s pokemon Go map (or are they visiting location), and then capture pokemon characters. By visiting some sites, including historic landmarks, a sharp increase; Some activities can only be made possible by higher achievement in the game.

The Washington post’s headline on Monday said: “pokemon go fanatic across the country.”

All of a sudden, it seems that pokemon Go player is divided into three teams, everywhere, # PokemonGo twitter is a cool new label, there was speculation that the game is a new tool against childhood obesity. There is even a hope that “archaeology” will benefit public science and history, as more families find cool websites around them.

But wait!

Ever heard of Ingress?

Ingress is played by millions of people in more than 200 countries and is divided into two groups around a story called XM or Exotic Matter. This is augmented reality, it is a mapping and interaction (achieve certain players must work together), it has 16 achievements closely with “portal” from all over the world visit (and from a rival team capture).

This overlap is no coincidence: Ingress is also a Niantic game. Last month, the New York times told the New York times about pokemon go:

“There’s a lot of Ingress here — the idea of building it around certain locations, and these are the places and places where you need to play games.”

Some Ingress agents, known as players, continue to play games and take them seriously. Arlington, Virginia, Stephen Wood (Stephen Wood) is a 16 year old player, (as of Sunday night), he once played Ingress in resistance team four years visited 9068 unique portal, 7465 km (4638 miles) (liberal is a second). In an email, wood describes why it’s so interesting to play:

“For starters, it’s a well-designed games, see the Ingress of map from the mobile phone are beautiful and elegant, the adjustment of the game, keep the game fresh and dramatic, although the game can play alone, this is the way through collaboration to enhance; Since I started to play, I have had some very good friends, in addition to being a kind of encourage walking outside game – before the game started, I have been sitting for too long for – this is a good way to learn the local history, or travel, find point of interest “.

Over the years, wood invited me to play ress. I doubt it. I’m not a gamer at all, and in my spare time, I’d rather be out of the screen, or read in a book.

But a few months ago, I started thinking, “why not?” As an experiment, I joined the Ingress resistance team in February. My current data doesn’t remotely compare to Stephen’s data: I’m only 7, visiting 784 unique portals and walking 81 kilometers.

It’s much better than I thought. I don’t care about the story of XM, but I’m happy to know more about parks, public art and historic landmarks than ever before. For example, Point Park, in gloucestershire, Virginia, is a small place just three miles from my home, but I never noticed it. Walking along the Banks of the york river, I read about 200 years of fortress sequence on my site, which is a good experience for Ingress. And I did something similar on my travels.

Another problem: my husband and I often visit the colonial national historic park, especially the Yorktown battlefield near our home. We like to watch turtles, small mammals and birds in a series of ponds and streams. Now, however, I sometimes feel like I’m being played – on a small screen, the park is full of blue (resistance) or green (enlightened) doors!

I don’t want to be the one who travels with my family or friends to a beautiful park or a vibrant city, and my cell phone is planted with my face, firing at the enemy’s portal. Of course, I did smile at the name of Facebook, the wife of Ingress Players, but I knew it wasn’t a joke when it happened.

The pokemon Go is not all roses. As the Washington post notes, looting and injuries are reported.

So, writing this article is a way for me to send some new game wisdom to the new and exciting pokemon game players. Don’t let anyone tell you that you’re wasting your time. This is interesting and has real benefits.

Just don’t succumb to the temptation of the small screen, so you miss out on the real world.


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