“Frat House” tracks the career of the Los Angeles times publisher.


“Frat House” tracks the career of the Los Angeles times publisher.

The Los Angeles times highlights recent Revelations about sexual harassment of women, particularly in entertainment and media. However, NPR’s review found that the paper its chief executive and publisher Ross levinson (Leon Levinsohn) used to be two sexual harassment lawsuit defendant, his behavior in the past 20 years of work environment have been female colleagues question again and again.

The story is based on a review of court papers, financial reports and new interviews with 26 former colleagues and colleagues. Taking concerted action, they put forward a suspicious behavior pattern and questionable decisions at work. The recurring portraits are one of the brotherly executives who, even when creating the corporate climate, will pop up a higher level and alienate some of the people who work for them.

In the accusation:

Mr. Levinsohn has been charged with an independent sexual harassment suit in two separate companies. Levinson, through his sworn testimony, acknowledged the relative “heat” of his female colleagues as vice President of digital media companies. He also testified that he speculated whether a woman working for him there had a stripper nearby.

Two witnesses said they were shocked to see Levinsohn actively kissing and confronting a woman at a clear music dinner party for his subordinates and his clients. Levinsohn was already married.

Levin to “Hollywood reporter” thorne, an executive said he won’t be in the publications of lunch time to stay in the entertainment industry’s most influential fashion stylist to commend, because he had to be surrounded by a gay – in a rude tone to express their views.

Almost all the people interviewed declined to cite his name, because levinsohn has published their careers in the Los Angeles times. It is one of the most important newspapers in the country and one of the most influential media organizations in California and the capital of the world entertainment industry. The man he worked with described his behavior as raising questions about how to effectively lead the paper because it covered the #MeToo movement and such widespread harassment.

Mr. Levinsohn didn’t respond to detailed questions, and a spokeswoman for The Times listed the main allegations in the story. On Wednesday and NPR, chief executive of Jarl Mohn initiate a conference call, Levinsohn called the charges “lies”, and said, if he feels NPR has belittled his he will retain legal counsel. NPR sent a detailed question to Tronc’s chief executive and public service on Wednesday morning. The crisis management strategist, Charles Sipkins, said in a statement on Thursday afternoon that Mr. Levinson had been investigated by the company after the release of the report.

“This week, we recognized the allegations of misconduct by Ross Levinsohn, and we are conducting an immediate investigation so that we can better understand what is happening,” the statement said. “In Tronc, we want all employees to act in a way that supports multiculturalism and culture, and we will take appropriate action to address any behavior that does not meet these expectations.”

Sipkins said Tronc did not suspend Levinsohn. Other media executives have been investigated, suspended or terminated after being accused of sexual harassment, including NPR’s former news editor Michael Oreskes.

On Thursday afternoon, the reporters organizing committee of the Los Angeles times newsroom was trying to push a union there to ask levinson to be fired immediately, according to NPR’s findings.

As early as August, senior officials at the Los Angeles times’s parent company, Tronc, asked the new leadership to run its crown jewels. They sacked a group of senior executives in the newspaper and hired Levinsohn.

In the past generation, levin thorne’s most famous media and in some countries as a important position, digital media company, including CBS early Alta Vista search engine, news corp. and yahoo.

Tronc chief executive Justin Dearborn (Justin Dearborn) in August to levin thorne (Levinsohn) called “visionary innovation leader”, at the same time, will he named “the Los Angeles times” of the highest position. Levinsohn has always been described as a kind and charismatic presence, being seen by advertisers and corporate mentors as a perfect salesman. He is a familiar figure in Tronc, and has provided hundreds of thousands of dollars of strategic advice to the company.

On Friday, federal regulators will be in the Los Angeles times newsroom reveal the result of the trade union movement – this drive is partly due to the levin thorne’s commitment to the good news as well as the ability to lead the paper deep skepticism.

As a senior executive at Alta Vista, a search engine company, in 2001, Levinsohn, who testified in a sexual harassment and sex discrimination case, was indicted along with other defendants. Levinson was sworn in, and he assessed the “heat” and the body of women. Mr. Levinsoen also testified that he had discussed whether a female subordinate would be a stripper, and wondered if she slept with a colleague.

Former Alta Vista employee Christine Fox has sued the company and several executives, including Levinsohn. She claims that she has not been significantly improved, moving from Massachusetts to a much more expensive bay area and working in a hostile environment.

Celia Francis, another former Alta Vista executive, testified that she had warned two senior executives about the culture that levinson had created when she left the company. “Rose is creating a fraternity house environment,” Francis testified at the time. “His behavior is inappropriate and I want them to know what they should do.”

In his testimony, Levinsohn said he believed the Fox complaint was “ridiculous” because of her own behavior. Fox’s lawyers argued that alta vista’s lawyer for her romantic dating lives has carried on the extensive investigation, fox’s defense lawyer asked the judge to limit people put forward the question of litigation. (kristen fox couldn’t comment.)

In his testimony, Mr. Levinson said that any sexual harassment he participated in was at a distance from female employees.

Jessie Dennen, then head of recruitment and recruitment at Alta Vista, contradicted Levinsohn’s testimony. Dennen told NPR that Levinsohn was directly involved in the speculation about fox sexual partners at staff meetings in front of Dennen et al.

“RON has created a clear fraternity boy club,” danen said now. “They spoke openly about women. I remember feeling uncomfortable and I would roll my eyes.

Dennen testified before the company, but told NPR that she regretted not having objected to the meeting, and that it was a pity that Fox was not supported.

Nnen told NPR: “I don’t understand how Alta Vista denigrates Chris.

Fox’s sexual harassment lawsuit against companies such as Levinsohn was resolved five days before the trial in August 2002. Alta Vista offered $100,000, although she asked for $750,000 in documents filed in the Santa Clara county court.

Other newer search engines, including Google, have challenged the Alta Vista crash.

Levinson turned to other important performances by rupert murdoch’s news corporation. Mr Levinsohn’s colleagues, admirers and opponents alike, agreed that he was a good man and that some people liked to appease the trade by partying. He argued that Rupert Murdoch bought News Corp. ‘s social media platform MySpace in 2005 for $580 million. MySpace was almost vaporized by Facebook. Murdoch sold the social media platform for $35 million in 2011, calling it a “huge mistake,” but he blamed it for failing to invest.

In June 2006, the then news group, senior vice President levin thorne (Levinsohn) charged to the company, the fox executives (fox sports and murdoch’s entertainment and the television empire still in news corp. ‘s) of other departments at that time). The video producer who filed the lawsuit claims that her boss was a subordinate of Levinsohn and was sexually harassed in the workplace. She claims that when she asked Mr Levinsohn to be promoted, he pointed to a fox sports vice-president as an example of success, saying she “learned how to get to the top”. The company’s producers also claim that Levinsohn and other managers are sexually harassing in the workplace culture.


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