General animation in “ParaNorman”.


General animation in “ParaNorman”.

Even though most hand-drawn animation enthusiasts have made peace with digital technology to a certain extent, the fun of old-school stop-motion animation is still rare and precious. There are some basic elements to watching a movie. These films are made by moving small characters by frame. Even though there is always some digital technology involved in making contemporary still animated movies, human touch is always in the finished product.

Sam Fell and Chris Butler ParaNorman is really so, a voice that sounds of death of the children the story of New England – he finds himself forced to appease a group of zombies, they incarnate for about 300 years ago, humans are responsible for ruling young “witch” the death penalty.

Norman (whose voice was provided by Cody smith-mcphee) was everywhere: in school, he was tortured by the mindless, oversize bully, Christopher mintz-plasse, or McLovin’. At home, he stir sister Anna Kendrick (Anna Kendrick) don’t want to do anything with him, his father (Jeff Lin) to Norman love of zombie movie and the fact that he insisted that can communicate with deceased grandmother, he is Elaine rutledge (Elaine Stritch) Norman can see as much as possible, she sat on the couch, working on a piece of fabric.

Leslie Mann, his mother, was unable to defend her son, claiming to be “sensitive”. Dad doesn’t have one: “‘ sensitive ‘is writing poetry, and it’s not good for the team,” he claimed. In his opinion, Norman was worse than a sensitive child: he was a crank.

As it turned out, Norman was able to save his city, and even its miserable, insecure residents should not be bailed out. Of course, you’ve heard this before: the story of ParaNorman is not a new story, nor is it necessarily. (butler, in addition to the co-director, wrote the screenplay.)

But the film is packed with too many characters and has been hit hard by the extra details – the storytellers are always breaking free from the grasp of phil and butler. This has led to some ParaNorman potential paranormal forces; It is not like Henry Selick grams (Henry Selick) in 2009, the genius of genius does rowling (Coraline) as pleasant work, the work like para Norman (ParaNorman), is made up of filmmaking and static animation film producer, designers and animators LAIKA. (Mr. Butler is director of the Carolina story board.)

But in terms of the overall design and execution, ParaNorman is not disappointing: even if the story is not very desirable, there are always some things need to note that some details or visual gimmicks let a person feel itchy. Norman was a beautifully designed figure, a child of wheat straw hair and sugar bowl ears, and he looked like an extremely depressed jared leto in miniature. The bags under his eyes are heavy thoughts and sleepless nights. His special gift was more of a nuisance.

The town’s ancestral zombies are also sympathetic: they wander the streets looking for salvation, not trouble, dragging their rotting bodies behind them. Their eyeballs rise; Their mouths fell helplessly. The living people completely misunderstand them, stabbing them with guns, forks and even toilets.

Indeed, as a plea for tolerance, ParaNorman is an evil and interesting one. Its climax was both gorgeous and terrible, a ghostly howling of disappointment and grief, and it was well settled into a shimmering, translucent peace and happiness.

Like George (George Pal) and Ray Pal harry howson (Ray Harryhausen) such great animation producer of the spiritual life in the para Norman (ParaNorman), rather than just a ghost, you almost can stretch out his hand to touch it.


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