Do you need a reason not to look at the “bakilarsen”? Because we have one.


Do you need a reason not to look at the “bakilarsen”? Because we have one.

I have a rule.

For a number of reasons, I’m not going to see Bucky Larson: born to be a star, opening today in your fans’ cinema. The label line (” no small actors, just a few “) is a penis joke. The poster found a badly dressed idiot in us, and worse still, hair and pants were funny by his ankles. Adam sandler was listed as a writer. All in all, it looks terrible.

But there is a reason that is more important than me, because I refuse to see it. Here’s the rule: I don’t believe in any of the movie commercials, close-up shots are specifically for business or trailers.

Is there, in the television advertising: a man named Dante, people who take no interest a screaming (sandler friend Peter Dante, also appears in Bucky Larson), urged us to see the film sandwiched in between, these movie clips hardly support his case. If Bucky Larson doesn’t look scary (and boy, if ever), that’s enough to get me out of here.

“But of course, mark,” I pretended you were saying, “Dr. Dante makes you laugh, totally different story, you’re interested in seeing that movie, I doubt it! Ah, but there’s a twist. The quality of advertising specific effects is not important. The fact that it exists is enough to be a red flag.

Why is this important? Think about the signal from the movie that the reviewer has left before the opening day: if the studio has confidence in the product, why not let people see it? Likewise, when a trailer or advertising activities required to provide their own material, more or less announced to the world, more than 80 minutes in the movie, there are no two minutes (or even 30 seconds) Marketing Department to show the public feel good about themselves. They basically said, “no, let’s give it a try.”

So we finally got the trailer, like “toy”, this is Robin Williams (Robin Williams) just do a typical Robin Williams (Robin Williams schtick) in a minute, and it almost has nothing to do with the movie itself. (there is still no excuse for the interlacing of actual footage from television commercials and movies.) The master of love kept a relatively low limit, cancelling mike miles’s trailer for 20 seconds, but that was enough to sound the alarm.

And then there are the 2002 documentary “comedian”, follow Jerry for anfield (Jerry Seinfeld), he rebuilt their three-dimensional performance after retirement, there is a hungry young cartoonist Mr Adams (Orny Adams). The trailers (referring to the film’s surface as a one-time online promotion) are two reasons to notice. It is itself a rather brilliant short film: interesting, sharp and eye-opening about what we take for granted. It also happens to be around and the film itself – an interesting but ultimately frustrating chaos, similar to the original, unedited material rather than a complete movie – can be used in despair: a narrator.

A trailer for the 2002 comedian. It’s funny. It’s not about the movie.


So, too often, I don’t think it’s funny whether the promotional material is funny or not. This, of course, made me afraid of Dr. Tinda, a fool who was laughing at me with another stupid man. But as soon as I showed up, I didn’t see barki larsen in my head.

Because I have a rule.


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