Our top findings come from globalFEST 2018.

The Breeders' first album in 10 years, All Nerve, comes out March 2.

Our top findings come from globalFEST 2018.

No matter where you are, you can be a music geek, and globalFEST is a music festival for everyone. This is the 15th year, and this is the music celebration from all over the world.

This year’s music festival includes the extraordinary Congo music of Jupiter&Okwess, Ava Rocha’s Brazil avant music, Jarlath Henderson’s traditional Irish music repertoire, Mohsen Namjoo’s modern Iranian songs and poetry, and so on.

The party took place one night. This year, in midtown Manhattan three stage, 12 bands in BB King Blues club conducted a three stage performances, the club in the same building is called Lucille (Lucille), across the street from 42nd freedom Theatre (Liberty Theatre).

Last Sunday, I attended a global summit there, at the same time there are about 1500 people, including NPR music company Anastasia Tsioulcas, Afropop Worldwide of Banning Eyre describes and WFMU Rob Weisburg, his show “trans-pacific music paradise” at home. For all the songs in this release, we share our favorite findings from globalFEST 2018.

All our hands down, the band from kinshasa, by experienced singers mound monarch, brocade, door, made its debut in the United States globalFEST and joy, ultra-high energy group match the fascinating light soukous and propulsion, the speed of exciting.

He has long been known as the “Bob dylan” in Iran, but no one can complete the singer, songwriter and set player player Mo Mo Mo Mo Mo Mo Mo Mo Mo Mo: : : : : a aa Pers Pers Pers Pers Pers the and the and the and the and the and the and the and the and the and the and the and yowls.

This trio connects three points in the French world: the point between the Caribbean guadeloupe (the overseas region of France), the music style of New Orleans and Paris, and the often tragic history. But, in the din of guitar, sound, sound, and drums, music is pompous.

On paper, this should not be the real work: African Cuba music, hip hop, dance hall, cumbia and classical flute. But thanks to La Dame Blanche’s serious music, the “white girl” from Havana (Paris) has pulled off this stylised hat-trick with an oversized swing and style.

The Brazilian smoky singer, composer and filmmaker Ava Rocha has created a blend of tropical, rock and performance art – almost as if he were guiding Diamanda Galas and David Bowie.

In his debut in the United States, from Northern Ireland (but now) in Glasgow’s singer and wind with a series of electronic keyboard, bass, guitar and the violin to shape his charming voice. His intimate, influential collection is another big song at this year’s global FEST.

The Iberian chorus has brought to the masses a long, ancient tradition of the retro choral song from Georgia – the Caucasus, not the southern United States. In long leather boots and a long black chokha coat is put above, six singer of the band (they also in all aspects of performance whipped out of the flute and pipa instrument) is a powerful musicians, but their music is invigorating.

An interesting new trio from California combines the centuries-old tradition of music in Hindustan (north India) and everything – rap. But they showed great skill to support the attack: vocalist Eligh partner in the partnership is the sarod Tabla player Alam Khan (master musician Ali Akbar Khan’s son) and Salar Nader (hit player observes Zakir Hussain disciple).

A few weeks ago, the winners of the Latin grammy award for the best Ranchero/Mariachi album, all women, the brilliant Flor DE Toalache and the world war ii harmonies and original songs mixed with the Mariachi band. In their global FEST, they even put on the cover of Nirvana’s “Come As You Are”.


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