Looking for Megabucks? Imagine megapixels


Looking for Megabucks? Imagine megapixels

Imagine that you are a filmmaker, and you have hundreds of millions of dollars of gambling in a giant bomb. Which type do you think is the safest option – superhero? Action adventures? Science fiction? All of this has been a huge success, but they also have very expensive failures.

There is, however, one type, which is not a gamble at all. Since its birth in 1995, it has been almost infallible: computer animation.

Pixar’s toy story was the first full-computer animated feature film to start the revolution. Over the past 17 years, Hollywood’s main studios have increased by more than 70, and only a handful of films made by these studios have grossed less than $100 million.

The real big success does more. Shrek and its sequels and derivatives have earned more than $3 billion worldwide. Three toy story films cost about $2 billion, and the ice age film is almost certain to be released this summer.

In Madagascar, cars and kung fu, the kung fu panda franchise is not listless, or more than $1 billion per dollar. No wonder we’ll soon see the despicable me 2, rain 2: the revenge of the leftovers (the chance to hit the meatballs in the future) and the sequel monster power company called monster university. Computer animated sequels are so reliable, if you have an idea, how nemo gets lost again, I bet pixar will listen.

And box-office receipts are just the beginning. DVD sales is always in the abnormal condition, because the young children like again and again to see the film, and the role is tailored for stimulating toys – some of them even toys – not to mention from the table to the collection to the theme park rides.

Enlarge this picture.

Computer-animated films such as toy story 3 are not only box-office draws, but also revenue from toy sales and theme park rides.

Michael nagel/getty images.

All of this has the advantage of the production side. Star salaries? Unnecessary. The rat king spent $600 million, and the main mouse was made up of Mr. Barton oswalt, who was a celebrity, but hardly a household name. And actors only need a few days to publish the whole movie, even if the big star doesn’t need a million dollar salary day.

It also helps to dub animated movies into other languages, because the animated characters’ lips move, while Spanish, French or Chinese come out with fewer characters. This is not a small problem with the growing overseas market on the studio’s balance sheet.

All this explains why Hollywood studios love computer animation so much. And the audience? So, the original novelty factor was that teenagers and adults had already left the cartoons to their children, but the new figures seemed to be very realistic, and they sounded smart and smart. That’s enough to make it the first time since the early days of Disney that animated films are widely considered to be a lottery for everyone, not just children.

This is possible to make computer animation mute. Disney did it with the Martian mother, and small companies that didn’t have the commercial capacity of big studios made a mistake. In addition, digital animation is not cheap, so a multi-billion dollar cross does not mean that animators will get a limousine.

However, the two leading digital animation revolution – pixar/Disney and dreamworks animation company (which is the hometown of shrek and Madagascar film) – there is a tension between the top 20 between computer animation features 17. In the process, they have earned more than $13 billion, not including DVD sales, toy sales or theme park rides.

Why, you have to wonder, what would the studio do?


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