“Gianni versace’s assassination” is not what you think.


“Gianni versace’s assassination” is not what you think.

Promotion of American crime story: gianni versace assassination on Wednesday January 17 premiere on FX, all of them are robes and charm: the camera around the designer international recognition marks on the head of Medusa. We see flash, red carpet, bold prints, champagne glasses. Outside the versace south beach tower, we slowly push his partner Antonio damien division (Ricky Martin) blood in the static picture of tennis whites, they dressed in a black family workers, as they belong to a kind of beauty, simple sadness justice league. In an elegant spare church, Donatella (Penelope cruz) to the versace coffin, white doves from nearby some John Woo film footage of slowly moving, constantly gently blowing her veil – of course does not interfere with its concise lines.

All of this is gorgeous, gorgeous, and camp – and misguided hell.

The story of the second season of “American crime story” is more rigid and abstract than the one promised in the advertisement. Mr. Gritier’s killing was caused by the horror of Andrew Cunanan’s horrific off-road killing spree. More abstractly, it is very difficult for him to become a distant figure because he is both anti-social and password in real life. To do so, gianni versace’s assassination does not rely on open legal means like the “American crime story” premiere season “people and Simpson”.

Instead, it is easily to make, rotating dialog important passages, orgasm scene, even the whole fabric of the whole event: time and time again we watched two or more of the characters in real life, they are now dead to exchange information, share secrets, or to admit his feelings to another.

Of course, the “real” type of “real crime” is always based on conjecture, and is a requirement for a solid narrative. “American crime stories” is the situation in his first season, this season is largely Jeffrey tobin (Jeffrey Toobin) of “the operation of the his life: people with Simpson” book. Is a new season, according to Maureen Austin (Maureen Orth) in a 2000 book called “Vulgar story” (Vulgar Favors) book: Andrew kunar south (Andrew Cunanan), Gianni Versace (Gianni Versace) and the biggest failure in U.S. history – but the pursuers compared with OJ season, this kind of feeling has a fundamentally different, and more aggressive. You may not be able to complete all of the nine sets (the first eight sets have been provided to critics), but not so keen on this series of free panic – for me, it’s the fourth concentration of long-distance bus trip, involving the tense discussion Cunanan (darren Chris) and a former lover (Cody says Fern) the most loud alarm bells ringing.

Different threads

But while Cunanan’s murder spree dominates, other themes and stories are repeated, even though they have much less screen time. Your interest in the assassination of Gianni Versace will depend on your personal investment in everyone.

If you come to display in the advertising campaign product – a person of extraordinary powers curtilage, Versace Versace fashion, Penelope Cruz (Penelope Cruz) of Prague heavy accent, like the heavily armed Donatella (Donatella), know the things of this series package temperance. Of course, you will get as well as versace Edgar Ramirez (Edgar Ramirez), means that it is lust to him loud gurgling goo goo, while the cruise Ricky Martin’s Antonio (Antonio) cut. (cruz is particularly interesting, here – look at the way she entered the room, immediately noticed a small tchotchke a detective had slightly, to push it back to the starting position and wordlessly.) In the third episode, you asked Judith Light to play the steel-like woman the Hollywood casting agent might call “Judith Light”. Even Nancy Reagan’s vivid, vivid Terry Sweeney appeared during his tenure as SNL actor. So, yes, this bumpy thing obviously exists, but it’s not as high as many people expect.

If you are looking for a series of cultural problems, such as in the United States OJ season, so here are some: Andrew Cunanan life story is under the background of gay rights struggle. The detectives expressed their incomprehension and utter disgust at the homosexuality of the various victims. The whole plot revolves around the military’s “don’t ask, don’t tell” policy. Cunanan hides his sexuality from his family and friends. According to the series, same-sex marriage has not yet become a possible fact two of the two murders in the city. (see above, again: free to take.)

But if you’re interested in this issue, that’s Vietnam looking for Cunanan’s logistical support, you might be disappointed. The series has taken some time to follow up with various detectives, but not enough to make it clear how close they are or not to him.

If you want to know more about who Andrew Cunanan is, why he did what he did — well, that’s certainly what the series spends most of the time, and what you want.

At last.

This series of structure, by contrast, in this regard: first episode describes gianni versace’s murder, then the plot of a more or less linear to trace the process of his murder spree, and in the eighth concentrated focus on the early life of Cunanan.

Therefore, Cunanan, which we introduced in the early stages, is not particularly interesting. Darren Criss did what he could, but the script forced him to give us more than just a smooth, monotonous, single-minded narcissist. Cunanan to all is a lie, his own included, so when we gradually, there are six or seven set, we finally saw something besides appearance he presents to the world, we will be forgiven, don’t know if this is another mask.

There was no simple answer to Cunanan’s action, and there was no clear reason, but it did not make Gianni Versace’s assassination impossible. The character told Cunanan over and over again that he didn’t want to work for him. He was very clever but lazy. The world is full of such people, but only Mr Cunnan has taken strange action. When we met him in the eighth episode father – and on the basis of this series, an abusive demolition – it shows us think it is a collection of enlightenment, Andrew library, it will unlock the secret of South Asia. But they are so relaxed and familiar, even if accurate – if not a big one – they can’t afford to think of it as a traditional biographical fare.

The first season of “American crime story” has never been more valuable, and it is laudable that it is trying to develop in a new direction. Like season 1, the cast is impeccable – Criss, Ramirez, Cruz, Fern and Finn Wittrock are all outstanding. However, the decision to prefer a theatrical performance means imposing a more than bespoke form, allowing Cunanan to break up in a way that makes people feel cynical. So, you might know Darren (Chris Darren Criss) Andrew kunar south (Andrew Cunanan) is how to do, but you can’t close to understand the real kunar south (Cunanan), also won’t understand him that kind of senseless violence.


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