From Tim burton, another lovely unicorn.


From Tim burton, another lovely unicorn.

Tim burton is famous for its strange films, including batman, Beetlejuice, Charlie and the chocolate factory, the nightmare before Christmas, a haircut Todd, Mars attacks and “heavy bomb” Alice in wonderland. His latest film is an animated adaptation of the classic frankenstein story – just this time, it’s a little boy, and his dog, scottie, brings back his life.

Mr. Burton said that, based on his memories of growing up in Burbank in the 1950s, frankenwinnie was his most personal film. Like his protagonist victor, burton has a dead dog.

“Pepe is an idiot,” Burton promoted his film during a visit to Los Angeles.

Like victor, burton grew up in the suburbs. He made super 8 movies, watched horror movies and played in a nearby cemetery.

“It was very dark, humble and thoughtful,” burton recalled. “It’s a place I find romantic and dramatic.”

Disney’s animation studios, warner bros. and universal pictures have only a few paths. But for hermit burton, they seemed out of reach.

“You think you’re alone, no one understands you, and you think you’re the only one who thinks so,” he said. “But if you ask any one of the children, they will probably feel the same way, most of them also feel very strange, because they also feel very normal, while others feel very strange.”

Burton has already used the prototype – a seemingly eccentric, misunderstood loner, most of his films winning with his imagination and creativity and soul.

Edward scissorhands, for example, tells the story of a loving young man, his hands are scissors made his suburban neighborhood, but in the end by creating elaborate crest and ice sculpture won.

In addition, burton’s homage to the cult director edwood, the cross-dressing table who was married to the aging horror actor Bella lugose, produced a real b-movie masterpiece.

You can see strange exotic themes in Beetlejuice, pee-wee’s big adventure, Batman’s Batman, the nightmare before Christmas, Sweeney Todd, and even his Alice in wonderland remake.

Burton said, though he and a friend Johnny Depp and composer Danny totalfinaeif work together, despite the fact that he and actress Helena burnham carter and their children live a happy life in London from Hollywood, even though he has made many successful, but he still agree with this peculiar non-uniform theme.

“Even if you change as a person, you can have a big family and friends, but you can still feel that way,” burton said. “They’ll never leave you. You can still go back to that place very quickly. It’s terrible.”

After the death of his best friend and beloved dog, victor frankenstein decided to use the power of crazy science to bring her back to life – albeit a little worse.

Walt Disney movies.

‘allow to be strange’

Burton studied animation at the California institute of art, which was created by Walt Disney. He was still a legend at the academy, and they talked about the door of his dorm room, and he changed his crooked ways.

In the animation department, the students described burton’s visual style – spirals, stripes – and his storyline – whimsical, dark, interesting. Like her classmates, rose bronner grew up watching burton’s movies.

“The monotony of suburbia introduces a dark, twisted element,” she said. “I can relate to that.” Ms. Browner said she was the only goth in a suburban Milwaukee high school.

“My nickname was satan at school,” she recalls. “Tim burton’s work let me such people become strange, sometimes I come home from school, feel is not worth to become strange, then you will see that Tim burton, and you say, ‘oh, but it’s true. ”

Student Vitaliy Strokous helped burton to revolutionize modern animation with his sensitivity to popular surrealism. While Disney’s cartoons are known for their cuteness and loveliness, strucks said burton “made the grotesque very easy and very attractive.”

Interestingly, burton worked as an animator at Disney studios after graduating from college. He admitted that he was miserable there.

“I realized that I wasn’t good at their style, which was very frustrating,” burton said. “Being a bad animator saved me. I had some alcoholics in the area where I was painting cute foxes.”

Burton’s Frankenweenie and other films are still made for Disney. “They have a revolving door policy,” he joked.

It was during his time at Disney that in 1984, he first stepped in as a human being. The studio, which once thought it too strange, is now releasing his new animated version.

Disney’s California adventure theme park features some of the puppets and sketches that burton used in the movie, and Disney World shows his nightmare role before Christmas.

“He called for a cult audience,” said Ron Magliozzi, director of the museum of modern art. “A viewer with a deep connection to Tim and his work is also a home audience, and they think it’s avant-garde rather than too sharp.”

Magliozzi is in charge of the art works at MOMA. The film producers’ sketches, props and devices are also on display at the Los Angeles county museum of art, the Paris film arts center in Paris, and the museums in Toronto, Melbourne and now Seoul.

The appeal of burton is related to the idea of preserving childhood instincts as an artist, Mr. Magriozzi said.

“This is the fun of him, did you do any idea of what the child is bad, you should encourage him, Tim absorbed people say is not worth of popular culture, like the sketch monster, he never lost confidence to this, the result is a phenomenon. ”

Burton still needs time for his fans, like my 7-year-old nephew, dasiyildibarko. (I can’t help showing off the Dash’s Burtonesque sketch.)

“Wow,” the producer exclaimed. “I wish I could draw like that!

He says the children’s art is something pure, and he says that older artists spend their lives trying to recover. Then he signed a copy of his art book.

“For him,” he wrote, “continue painting.”


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