The shadow on the screen, the “innocent miracle” what is real?


The shadow on the screen, the “innocent miracle” what is real?

The audacity of Dana Spiotta, the ambitious new novel is a profound and profound fourth time in our culture’s fascination with fame and technological change. Like her first appearance in 2001, “Lightning Field,” the main character from Los Angeles is the movie. Like Arab “stone” (2011), a woman is looking at his beloved brother, a famous rock and roll, never recorded a false cause, innocent and others emphasize in a filled with media and digital fragile human connection in a world of fantasy.

Spiotta’s focus is on steppes and her best friend Carrie wexler, who is on the verge of Hollywood. Their loyalty has made their careers volatile, and they have been reconnecting for years. At the heart of her story is jelly (the jelly doughnut, her phone character), a lonely, vulnerable woman and an unusual mobile phone; She became the subject of one of the last documentaries on the grass.

Spiotta has opened an article about how the grass has written a woman and film website, how she got her business started. After graduating from high school, she claims, she told her parents that she was working in a film collective in grosville, n.y., in the summer, “to rebuild lost, never-finished movies.” Instead, she moved into orson Welles. She described her nine months with Wells as “a dream, an unfinished movie”. Later in this article the grass credits (an Oscar nomination for Kent state recovery (1992), a jury prize in sundance introverted operators (1998), and name as the early loss of film reconstruction (1984-85). Her work, and 866 mostly bad reviews, included the final comment: “people, I called BS in this whole article. We want to know: what is this really?

The novel, with its theme of blog posts, web essays, narrative chapters, film reviews and transcripts, shows the leap of jazz. Spiotta went back to the 1970s, and when the jelly was recovered from a blind scene, it became obsessed with “the pleasure of imagining the sound of the sound bouncing around the world in a few seconds”. Her boyfriend, oz, called it the “world whistle”. By 1985, she was known as a tough man in Hollywood by a stolen Rolodex, using it as a “weapon of intimacy”.

Here, we think of, the tower of the sentence: “she lay on the pillows, holding the phone, barely touched her cheek, she imagined into the transmitter, her voice sound waves into electrical impulses that connect to the exchange, the telephone line and into the speech of the microwave in all parts of the country, she the precise tone, her high and low frequency, modulation, her elegant to the memory of the Santa monica’s exchange – mark… Malibu beach house and jack’s receiver. ”

Carrie, who accepted the business line, guided six features, winning the writers guild award and two golden globe nominations. At one point, she compared herself to the grass, and realized that “she doesn’t need to be infatuated or disillusioned, which exhausts her… She likes the idea of genres – like high school movies – making a very interesting version of it.

In addition to forced reconstruction and forgery, what drives the grass? Spiotta depicts her passion for her art, independent film impulse. (Meadow, said her love for the film “and I know as pure”), however, when she lured jelly before her camera, and gradually found her for when she can see the truth of love, there is a dark side. The consequences. “Spiotta writes:” the art part is a confident game, part magic… You also need to be a scavenger… Look closely at the people you know and find others who ignore or ignore the discards.

Spiotta has caused many surprises to keep us in balance in this complex and important book. She reminds us to know what is “real” and what is visible or invisible. How do we know? , the tower (Spiotta) and Joan Didion (Joan Didion) and Don DeLillo (Don DeLillo), compared with but her work, she obviously is one of the unique in our contemporary wilderness.


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