The aquatic survival game is an underwater marvel.


At some point in my game, I was happy to wipe my brain in some way, so that I might meet them again, fresh and uncontaminated. For the first time, Subnautica is beautiful, sometimes scary, and sometimes disoriented in the aquatic world is one of those moments. Since “my world”, I have never been so easily fall in love with open world survival craft, and in many ways, including arresting people’s story, developers do better “unknown”.

Subnautica starts to get nervous from the beginning, because you’re catapulted from a broken star to a watery alien world. In addition to the relative safety of the capsule, there is a vast and diverse community of aquatic organisms, filled with awe and individuality. The surprise never stopped, as I went deeper and deeper into the sea, from the shallow sea to the surreal, alien shark infested waters of the underwater islands. Along the way, I found the ship’s ridley Scott wreck, and took you here to explore… There are some amazing detours that I don’t want to destroy.

One of the most surprising things about Subnautica compared to other types of games is that it is legitimate terror. I don’t mean that I might lose my inventory when I’m chased by a shark. I’m talking about the fear I felt when I was playing amnesia or Outlast. Drifting in the open sea in the moonlight, know the bottom of the sea may be under my hundreds of meters, security is visible, and a large number of predatory leviathan’s echo sound from somewhere coal-black resonate, never make my heart rate increases. Wait – the last one sounds closer? As an absolute masochist, I find these moments disturbing. ”

One of the most unexpected things about Subnautica is that it is legitimate terror.

Subnautica further consolidates its terrorist credentials, sometimes leaving you helpless against the enemy. The industrial drill on your survival knife or PRAWN coat can make some of the smaller enemy’s short-term jobs, but the apex predator of the ocean is actually unkillable. Consciousness, concealment and distraction are the best tools for survival in the depths of danger. Some of my most memorable moments were running my one-eyed giant submarine in silent situations, and I tried to navigate through a sea monster without warning the patrol.

If it’s fairly simple, the production system is powerful: you build vast, modular databases and new tools from the seabed. The main turning point is when you unlock the Seamoth, then the larger Cyclops, which allows you to reach a deeper biological group, rather than being crushed like a tin can, to get a higher level of resources. This progress has been delayed in several places – just like the first time you get a Seamoth, but you still can’t get most of the resources needed to improve diving depth. Building a scan room in my database is a great help.

Location audio becomes my best friend, figuring out what type of creature is nearby.

All the time, the sound effects of sound and sound have made the feeling of being drowned more real. Locating audio ends up being my best friend, figuring out which types of creatures are where and where they are. In addition to having a very strong visual identity, each biome has a music track that keeps the mood stable. The pulsations in the blood sea zone tell me what I need to know: mostly I need to press Alt + Tab to see pictures of puppies.

On the other hand, my immersion is often undermined by a lot of popular and jarring details, especially in fast-moving vehicles like Seamoth. It is frustrating not to draw a distance slider in the option, because my PC can handle the maximum setting of Subnautica with a stable frame rate. I was hoping to push the boundary a little higher so as to calm the problem.

When graphics are fully rendered, they are visible and communicated. All sorts of alien life between nodded, identifiable balanced by Marine life and alien weird, that makes me want to swim to even the smallest fish and shellfish, you also appreciate the details. Sometimes it makes me bite off my face, but in general, a creature’s shape and voice tells you what you need to know. Predators look like predators, sleek, protruding teeth, and less fearsome animals often reflect their role in the ecosystem, a more popular silhouette.

The plot is as deep as a hunch.

The icing on the cake is that Subnautica does a fantastic job of telling a compelling story about survival games. It would be unforgivable if I wanted to simply try to get enough food and water to keep the breath going. But enough to say that the plot is as profound as the depth of foreboding, the complexity and nuances of a great science fiction movie. Every step along the way includes carefully crafted diary entries and audio logs, and performs with extraordinary high-quality voice.

Perhaps most commendably, it did not pull “the good fortune of discovering the main story!” So many other open life games are guilty. Clear map landmarks and shortwave radio will continue to provide clues for you, let you in the right direction, so you never feel absolutely have to delve into the wiki to learn what to do next.

Subnautica is the template for the open world survival game. This is a fantastic, fresh and frightening story from the surface to the bottom of the sea, and to my surprise, there’s a whole series of sea monsters that I’ve been dreaming of. Even after more than 50 hours, I still haven’t found all the secrets. It was a proof of how to seduce these secrets, and I was willing to face my fears, and again and again, to plunge my submersible into the darkest corners of the unforgiving sea.


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