How does the rising star Greta Gerwig win an Oscar for depression, unemployment and “crying every day”?


How does the rising star Greta Gerwig win an Oscar for depression, unemployment and “crying every day”?

The American actress’s directorial debut has won four oscars, and the best director is one of them.

GRETA Gerwig is the first woman to be nominated for an Oscar for best director in eight years – for some, it seems that she is everywhere.

The “bird queen” is a typical adult story, similar to a 34-year-old’s own life, from an early high school graduate’s stubborn teenager.

But when rolling credits ended the story of Lady Bird, Greta had previously spoken about what had happened to her as a young woman, acknowledging the battle against depression and confidence.

The countess, played by sarsan ronan, left her Sacramento home in despair, raised eyebrows in New York, and even “Conneticut,” to the dismay of her mother, rosie the star Laurie Metcalf.

Greta admits that her mother was equally outspoken, recalling how her mother had limited her willingness to indulge her obsession with dancing.

Speaking of her “strict Catholic” upbringing, she said: “I am a fierce child, and when I like an activity, I meet half the trouble.

The ballet was scary – I’d have four hours a day, seven days a week, if I could. ”

When her mother found out that the teacher had given all the students a new “ballet name”, she declared that the classes were just a “cult” and took Greta, then 12, to the hip-hop class.

She told her mother after she graduated from school that she wanted to go to dance college in New York.

“This is another important moment for my mother,” she said. “I don’t spend $40,000 a year learning how to tap.” She says the film is not based on her life, but it does have similarities.

Like Lady Bird, Greta graduated from Catholic high school in Sacramento, but she told Pop Sugar that she wasn’t the stereotypical young man she was when she was young.

She said: “I passed my driver test for the first time… I’m more of a follower. People like that kind of kid.

“I really want to golden star, if I don’t understand, it will give me a devastating blow, to some extent, write the movie like provoked some id card or the devil, or is something I didn’t, maybe I am more unfettered version, but I can’t come into contact with this version at that time.

“It’s very personal to me, and there’s definitely a core of truth that’s relevant to me, even if it’s not something in my life, and I’m not like Mrs. Bird.

At this point, she adds, she has to look back on her life because of the lack of things that make today’s story difficult to get close to – the Internet.

“Before the Internet takes over, I want it.

“This is about to come, but you still don’t have a cell phone yet.

“No Facebook. No Instagram, no Snapchat, and now I think that’s what teenagers do with their lives, and I don’t think it’s a movie.

“Too selfish, I just don’t want to shoot.

Lady Bird not only brought Greta’s Oscar nod, but also brought in Saiorse and Laurie, as well as best original screenplay nominations.

The film has won a following, like the 2012 movie “Frances Ha,” which seems to have been borrowed from Greta’s life.

The main primoralist is a twentysomething girl, desperate to make her a modern dancer in New York.

She wrote Noah Bambauch’s partner for seven years, but she didn’t want to be in the movies – but he insisted she did.

“Noah said,” that’s ridiculous – you’re playing with Frances. “She told the guardian.

“But it was a bit disgusting, like baking a cake and eating like myself. I wrote it, and now I’m doing it, and it feels like orson Welles.

But not all of the works are well accepted, she admitted that in the 2010 film Greenberg (Greenberg), after she and Ben Stiller (Ben Stiller) starring failed, she suffered a deep depression.

The film was critically acclaimed, but at the box office, it was found to be a quirky, romantic and, more serious, ticket price for Ben stiller.

Greta did not help the film business, but did not work for nearly a year – but she did combine her with Noah baumbach – he wrote it.

“I was really depressed,” she said. “I cried a lot. It was a tough year.


“I’m 25, thinking,” this should be the best time, I’m miserable. In retrospect, I wanted to spend time writing more, but I felt like I was acting, so I went back to the acting class.

“The blessing and the curse of my life is that when I have a singular and the purpose of a call, I think I will thrive, but when I do a lot of things, I actually is the most happy, and I have to reconcile this.

Now, she’s making other people happy, especially other young women, who are looking back to the years before and after 9/11, wearing rose-colored glasses.

She added: “I have girls, very smart girls, coming to me, they are so excited, they finally get their movies.

“A lot of them say, ‘that’s me! This is Mrs. Bird. The film actually gives them a better understanding of the whole period. You think it’s almost an album you’re looking at. “


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