This nail doctor won’t get in the way of rheumatoid arthritis.


This nail doctor won’t get in the way of rheumatoid arthritis.

Canvas and small tools make art challenging for RA hands.

“It took me a couple of weeks to get some tips when I started,” she says. “Nail art is hard on joints – it’s a small canvas for a small tool. The more tools I use, the more I operate on my joints. “Sometimes even opening a bottle of polish is a challenge,” says Sengupta, who has had to quit because of all the participation in the education project.

She started her blog, and the 31 days of her annual manicure, which starts in September, is popular with bloggers and manicurists. Participants responded to daily prompts; For example, colors, patterns (animal patterns, stripes, flowers), or inspiration from fashion or songs. Many of Sengupta’s nails are linked to her health – red nails remind her of a lot of blood tests (she notes that she sees her blood in every red she USES). How nice it was to talk to her in the sunny yellow, she felt in the warm weather; The metallic appearance adds a clock, because she hopes “time will stagger” and she is battling a disease that prevents her from doing veterinary research. Now she has an impressive tutorial playlist and is working on it.

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Joint pain and other symptoms challenge, but inspire her.

Despite her efforts to create, her symptoms affect her ability to do many things – especially with a teenager’s brushes, bottles, scissors and files to manipulate many museum manicures. In a perfect world, she can buy nail brushes and other tools with large, easy handles, but that’s not always possible. In the creative visionary like Renoir’s footsteps, she put the solution RA related limitations into innovation, her solution is MyGyver nails suite, picked up (sometimes make up) the most friendly technology and shortcut, lean tools and materials used in her.

8 RA friendly nail art.

In her work and skills (no pun intended:

A magnifying glass “this is a savior,” said sengupta. Twice the magnifying glass lights up and has a flexible neck. “when my eyes are tired and dry, it can help me see my nails.”

Abstract design, she says, is “simple and fast, and often requires less material”. A simple example is the flash tip, which is known as one of the top tips for dexterous challengers. First apply any color you like. Then use a cosmetic wedge dipped in sparkling nail polish to gently wipe, or just hint or just around the cuticle. “For better control, you can use foam eyeshadow – although if I have arthritis, I can’t do that,” she says. Finish with a clear finish.

The water applique, which is basically a temporary tattoo of your nails, is easy and is a real “deception”. Her medications help to control the swelling of the joints, but “if I feel more pain than usual,” she says, “I’m tired and I have trouble holding small things. “All you do is cut a piece, or cut it into a finger, and remove the plastic from the top and put it in the water. Then the image drops to the nail. “It’s meticulous work, but it’s easier than freehand painting,” she said.

The applique “is basically a complete nail wrap,” she said. My favorite brand is Incoco. “They come to formal colors, interesting accents, and other designs. They need some operations, such as placement, filing, and so on, but it can save layers of polish and add details! They were a little expensive, but they were made of nail polish and lasted for a few days. ”

The punch pad helps to apply complex designs, such as trailing grapevine, lace or holiday motifs. Sengupta found that using stamps was easier than trying to draw something so complex.

Dry brush voice technology, but it only means that the nail oil brush rinse in the neck of the bottle, even above the primer paint delicate strokes before swipe it on a piece of paper, because she is doing here the tigress decals (it reminds her of one day hope of cooperation with the Bengal tiger). “All you have to do is wipe off the excess lubricant on the brush until you have a very small portion of it and slide it down any direction along the nail,” she said. “No extra material!

“The rambling marbles are friendly to the RA,” she said in an article published in “marbled”, a technique obtained from another blogger. “You can apply a small amount of polish on your nails and then use a clean artist’s brush to drag colors,” she says. The marble technique is a little more complicated and requires a drop of polish on the surface of the container. The lines are then painted to form a marble paper effect, and the nails are dipped in to pick up patterns. How did she make it easier for her to say, “I’m not going to fit the design perfectly into the water. “I take two or three fingers at a time, because the nails are not necessarily the same. I also got one color at a time, so it was easier to design. “She put a color down and then dropped another color onto it before the drawing, and then dipped the nail in.

The sponge makeup consists of painting the polish line in different colors on the surface of the sponge, then pressing it to the nail (which has been applied to the neutral background) to form a blurry rainbow.

Dotticures use pins (or, if you prefer, special punches) to place polish spots on the top of the basic color with polish points. They were quick, “purse friendly” and easy, she said.


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