How can I stop letting the past relationship bother me now?


How can I stop letting the past relationship bother me now?

So, in order not to let you know that I in just the start and end a year of two separate, absolutely insignificant relationship between two infidelity found in details of lies, I’ll say this: 2016 is a year I realize things “I have found that there are some things that happened, my own choice of the future partner is sworn in as they promise of the royal family – a smart woman.

This is new to me. I used to be a friend who was overwhelmed, “just calm,” a friend who was worried about cheating, “you’re thinking of a phone that doesn’t have an answer. He/she may be very busy. “My intention is never to blacken their feelings. I was confident that the people we loved, or at least loved, always matched their words.

Once I experienced the opposite situation, I entered a new, more paranoid at the top of the space, a few months later, when I enter an update of the long distance relationship, I found that anxiety lurks in that quiet place.

Within a week, a text that had not been answered for a long time (or even longer) left me in a legal limbo. I felt panic, and I was just like hanging a lava pit on a rope made of licorice, carried by a happy child who had just learned to put down things. My breathing shortened the intermittent gasps. My palms are sweaty. My brain to pack all the rational property, the path of the vacation, holding the door politely, a group of crazy, groundless, completely unrealistic idea came into my mind. First of all, I’m afraid he might die. Then it understood: he cheated and didn’t know how to tell me.

I don’t know how I work, really, in two and a half hours until I get the words that make me trance. Of course, the answer is innocent. My rational self knew it would be. This is the healthiest relationship I’ve ever seen. This man is the most reliable man ever. But when the blood and wisdom returned to my body, I realized how bad it was that I had been called the first two absolutely insignificant relationships.

On Wednesday, I told my therapist. It’s one of the few times I’ve had a date, so I think she’s excited, and we’ve finally talked about something interesting. I have a plan to solve this situation to prevent it from happening again, and I hope it will be run by her.

“That’s what I’m going to do,” I said. “I’ll tell him, ‘I know it sounds crazy, but I think I have toxic residues left over from past relationships. If you can make sure to check before long silence, even if it’s fast, just to let me know you’re alive, it makes me feel very calm. ”

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“It’s not his responsibility to treat your anxiety,” my therapist replied. I’m swamped.

A lot of me think it’s a relationship: taking care of each other’s feelings. You have the weight of my world, I will keep you. Just as it’s easier to lift someone’s backpack than your own backpack, I think this part seems manageable. But I believe you know there is a difference between caring for or at least recognizing the feelings of others and taking responsibility for yourself. My therapist says that as long as there is no criminal pattern of the past, as long as there is no one that is my job, through my own nonsense.I have to learn to comfort themselves, so that when the phone accidentally left home (and therefore lead to text can’t answer), first, I will not come to the conclusion of the second and third revelation has come.

Trauma affects thought patterns.

Lisa, director of the research and education association of California, Santa Barbara, Glendon Mr. Firestone, explained Dr Dating trauma, “this is traumatic, *,” she assured me that created the script for the negative, negative inner voice in our mind. The reinforcement of trauma only deepens the channels through which these inner voices are passed, which makes it easy for us to return to the familiar negative thinking patterns that are triggered when someone else might be harmless. “Trauma is anything that negatively changes the way we look at the world. The trauma of past relationships can lead us to believe that we are unlovable, unselectable, or unintelligent. It can make us feel crazy, afraid, and suspicious, “even when our fears are ineffective.

There’s little T trauma, big T trauma. She came up with my special type based on the anecdote I just told you.

Dr. Firestone is not my doctor, but she agrees with my therapist: “you can’t ask your partner to solve this problem for you.” However, what she says is that a long-term relationship with a “good partner” with a firm person and you are completely honest can help heal the wounds. This can be a “corrective emotional experience”.

“That doesn’t mean never have any broken,” she said, the old wound is not entirely lack of new, but as time goes on, a kind of trust, loving relationships provide the foundation repair “attachment” tools and systems.”

How to cope with spirals

At the same time, especially in the area of trust related trauma, Dr. Vance encourages them to adopt a “fake hand” approach. She suggests that anyone who doesn’t trust (with someone who doesn’t do anything) try to “behave like a trusted person”. First, recognize that anxiety starts to rise. Then, say to yourself: thank you for trying to warn me, the brain, but the scene you created isn’t what happened here. Admit that you may not know what to believe, and of course, it’s unfair to assume that your partner has done something wrong.

“Critically,” Dr. Firestone said. “What are you talking about? Now tell them in the second person. When we tell ourselves these things, about ourselves, we begin to believe them. He might want to break up with me. I’m terrible. When we tell ourselves these things and tell us about ourselves, we become defensive. “[he might want to break up with you. You’re terrible – we’ll reply,” hey! No, I’m not! “]

Another thing we can do when we start thinking like this is to challenge our negative thoughts. They come with us into new relationships and project new partners. Once we do, the next step is to find a more realistic and compassionate way to look at the situation. How do we tell our friends?

“This is your friend,” said Dr. Firestone.

Once we challenge these ideas, we must use our actions against them. “If your instinct is to check your phone and phone or text, don’t. Leave it alone. Sometimes it feels uncomfortable. It will be hard. The important thing is to challenge your negative thoughts. When you take a harsh inner voice, you feed it and it gets stronger. But you have to resist. Starve to death it. Even if it means violating your anxiety and knowing you’ll be okay. You can put up with someone’s anxiety. ”

Acknowledge it and move on.

Then she took the truth: “even if he deceives you, it doesn’t matter. You’re fine yourself. It’s not the end of the world. If this happens, you can decide whether you want to stay or leave. ”

All of this means that we shouldn’t talk about our fears and anxieties with our partners, Dr. Vasco said at the end of the conversation. I was caught up in the record and forgot what the therapist said: I can’t ask someone else to manage my anxiety in this area.


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