Do-it-yourself ‘ghost gun’ bypass background check and gun registration.

An FBI agent scans the area outside Rancho Tehama Elementary School, which went into lockdown during the shooting Tuesday. Tehama County, Calif., authorities credit that move with saving lives.

Do-it-yourself ‘ghost gun’ bypass background check and gun registration.

When Kevin Neil (Kevin Neal) a fatal shooting riots in California last week, at least he is armed with two semi-automatic rifles, called “ghost” gun gun, he wasn’t in the shop.

“These weapons are what we believe are made illegally in his home,” said Phil Johnston, the county’s assistant commissioner, at a news conference on Nov. 15.

Neil was banned from buying guns and reportedly had to hand over the gun because of court orders. But it turns out that more and more companies are selling gun kits, manuals and do-it-yourself kits online to help people build their own guns. This is a legal system that bypasses background checks and gun registration.

A quick online search found the company’s tools, promising to complete 80% of the gun parts. Some work on the garage or on the workbench, final assembly, and a fully functional pistol, assault rifle or shotgun.

These video also provide useful tips.

“In fact, you can make your own guns in your own way,” says Mark Serbu, who promises to advertise his unregistered handguns in a YouTube tutorial. He joked with a co-host about how easy it was and didn’t need special tools.

“He’s basically nothing, maybe a document.”

It’s more complicated than that, but not much. In fact, there are many different ways to make a ghost gun. Some involve 3D printers and sequins, but most require only a few basic tools and predetermined components. A do-it-yourself gun project on the Internet shows a rough working shotgun that can be made from several steel pipes.

“Guys love guns,” selb says. “they’re like their coolest little toys.” The interest in ghost guns is catching on quickly and is described as family activity, he added. “For me, it’s like fun and inspiration.”

But last week, these interesting games were horrifying. Neil drove through a rural town in tehama county, calif., hunting people and targeting schools. Before he was shot, he killed five adults and wounded seven children. His weapon was a homemade military assault rifle.

Given Mr Neal’s criminal background, it is clearly illegal to own them once they are assembled.

But unlike most arms dealers, these kit companies do not need background checks. They don’t have to know whether their clients are psychopaths or have histories of domestic violence or criminal records.

Guns don’t have to be registered. In fact, there are no serial Numbers of gun components in these kits.

“We know it’s a real problem, but we’re not doing anything about it,” said Adam skargs, who prevents gun violence at the jeeves law center. He said the shootings in California showed that it was time to describe him as a fatal flaw.

“The trick,” says Skaggs, “is to adjust the ghost gun’s solution, just like we do with guns. “Make sure [gun components are sold] are continuous, those who make them have appropriate licenses, and make sure people buy them, they have to pass background checks.

But so far, congress has shown no interest in regulating ghost gun products.

“We don’t want guns, we don’t want people to be shot,” selb said. “but most people realize that there is nothing we can do.

Studies have shown that gun control can limit violence and reduce deaths. But Serbu doesn’t buy it. He believes that asking for a background check on a ghost gun bag will only irritate fans who like themselves and will not stop a criminal.

“Before they start working, how many laws are piling up in front of them?” He asked. “Unfortunately, we only have people who are mentally ill prepared to do it.”

At present, people like Serbu and criminals and terrorists can order as many weapons as they want online, no problem.


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