Six friends, a pile of cash and a deadly game of consequence.

'Dawn of the New Everything' by Jaron Lanier

Six friends, a pile of cash and a deadly game of consequence.

I don’t want to talk about one thing about the book – Christopher Yates’s first novel, “Black Chalk,” he wrote, with 30 books behind him. Just as he had been doing, the game of light and the demon came to him as natural as breathing.

I don’t want to say a word. And not because I don’t like the book (I’m deeply, strangely), but because I want you to be left out, not to know anything, just like I did. I want you to take a breath, like a big pot of black water. It hits you the same way I did, just as a sucker punch is slow and accurate.

According to plot? No, not now. I’m not going to give up any problems under normal circumstances. After all, it’s my business – to tempt you to read great books and scare you away from those awful books. The trick is to know which secrets to reveal and which to approach. It’s a balancing act.

But black chalk is not normal. Black chalk was one of the biggest surprises I’ve seen in the first quarter. Twisting is like twisting your head back. And when you see yates pulling off the tricky switch, you just want to kiss him, because if nothing sweet can satisfy a plot,

So I’m going to be very cautious here, you might say, and be stingy with me.

Black chalk is a story of Oxford fictional Peter college students – six of whom were freshmen, five different temperament, British damage, Chad is another American exchange students.

A long time ago, Chad met Jolyon– a golden boy — and they became the best of friends, leaving only young people running away. Joe Lyons knows everything, everyone loves it, and is taller than anyone else in the world, so he paints his own trajectory on himself. He has a bar in his apartment, a good book, a book, never locked. People love him, but Chad (Chad) is the first and the best, and the two are inseparable.

We are still in safe territory here. There’s nothing important to give up.

In a quiet week – once they tell each other the best stories and (some of their secrets), Chad and Jolyon begin to think about a game that makes things come alive. CARDS, dice. Yates never knew the mechanism, because the mechanism doesn’t matter. The winner will receive a cash reward of? 10,000, which is not a small amount for a student. Those who play badly must endure a series of d and humiliations – no illegal or harmful body, but a test of will and thought. At least at first.

They gathered four players. Find the support of a mysterious social form called Game Soc, a mysterious society in which Peter shows up as an extracurricular club, but in fact it’s something… More and more. Then the game (soon becomes a game) begins.

Now we find ourselves in dangerous waters. To say more is to brush on the edge of the ruins. Six students. The high risk that starts with money will soon become darker. Can you believe me, yates is a beautiful writer, without me to quote you? If it’s just a small, full of fear, but nothing to give up?

‘Grist Mill Road’ by Christopher J. Yates.

“But it should never be such a game.”

Oh, but it should always be the type of game. But that’s what they sometimes end up with, right? No one has ever written a book about a clean game that ends with murder.

In the 1990s and today, yates split Peter’s account. The narrator is untrustworthy, drunk, medicated, severe psychosis. He didn’t hide it. He told the reader that he believed someone had sneaked into the room to rewrite his story. He may be right. He said he was a liar and he was trying to admit it, but he struggled. The game never really ended. It’s going on. He has to see it. Because it really becomes that kind of game.

That’s it. That’s all I have to say. But trust me (because I’m not a liar and I’m not drinking) : this is a wonderful summer thriller you’ve been waiting for. The black and harmful little books you carry with you. The novel you should read tonight.

Because the game never ends. There it is, waiting for your first step.


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