The Los Angeles times edited the hot newsroom.


The Los Angeles times edited the hot newsroom.

“Los Angeles times” edit Lewis WoErJin (Lewis D ‘Vorkin) are being Chicago senior journalist Jim Kirk Kirk (Jim) to succeed, in the next few weeks, in the tumult of the newsroom they made drastic adjustments in the newspaper.

The newspaper’s parent company, Tronc in Chicago, confirmed the move late Sunday. , 52, join trevor roncq kirk in August this year, is a former editor and publisher of the Chicago sun-times, less than five months ago, he briefly before “WoErJin named” the temporary editor of “The Times”.

Mr. Dvorkin, 65, will become tronk’s chief content officer.

As NPR’s David Folkenflik reports: “these actions sparked outrage over the strong news coverage of D ‘vorkin’s handling of the Disney story; An amorphous plan to complement non-news editors and content partners in the non-los angeles times and Tronc content; And D ‘vorkin’s reaction to the leaks and controversy in the newsroom.

The New York times reported that before that, though, Forbes’ chief product officer, D ‘vorkin, tried to open the advertising stream by allowing advertisers to work with the magazine’s own articles.

In addition, “the Los Angeles times” reported that the newly established newsroom “in recent months there have been some reports news competent business rather than the news editing news director of recruitment, recruitment but they haven’t announced in the newsroom, stir up new team motivation suspicion to the company. ”

In August last year, the executive editor and publisher into, hala jie (Davan Maharaj) and his deputy Marc dewar sheen (Marc Duvoisin) in new publisher and chief executive of Ross levin thorne (Ross Levinsohn) was forced to resign after arrival.

NPR’s investigation into his patron and former business partner Levinsohn earlier this month also damaged D ‘vorkin.

Levinsohn is on vacation and is under review by Tronc, including two of his alleged sexual harassment lawsuits, after NPR found a series of allegations of misconduct in the workplace. Levinsohn blamed “lies” on the phone with NPR’s Jarl Mohn.

Dworkin because handle disputes between times journalists and the Walt Disney company has been criticized, published in the New York times report accused of Disney won the Anaheim, preferential trading, after they barred reporters from the film screening, Disneyland is located.

Tronk is also expected to announce New York daily news leaders. Robert Moore, the executive editor, and Alex “Doc” Jones, the editor in chief, were under investigation after NPR asked for details of the harassment complaint filed in late December. According to current and former “daily news” staff, the investigation led to investigations into Moore and ultimately Jones, as other complaints were directed against men.

Moore is still working; However, Jones has been suspended, according to a number of news rooms contacted by NPR.


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