Virtual stranger: a journey with Anna


Virtual stranger: a journey with Anna

Not long ago, when I got the PlayStation 3, the recommendation started: play this, play this, play my favorite game.

But a group of people say there is an exciting sense of urgency – especially the people who know me – “the journey”.

Journey is a PS3 exclusive gamecompany called Thatgamecompany. It has won from different parts of the series of awards – the music even been nominated for the grammy award for best score of visual media movie soundtrack, it and the girl with the dragon tattoo, tintin, the artist, the dark knight rise, Hugo.

Here’s how the company describes it: “the journey is an interactive metaphor, an anonymous online adventure that experiences a person’s life experiences and their interactions with others. As beautiful as a game, this is not a description that excels in specific areas.

Basic things like this: you appear on the screen, coverings and wearing a hat is a character (if I deny have what good-looking of things in my looks like in the form of a woman, I’ll be lying) in the desert. There is a mountain in the distance. That’s where you’re going. If you follow your nose, you’ll roll up a scarf around you to charge for your flight.

And you just started traveling. Those dunes, those dunes… You can walk on the beach, but when you go downhill, you slip off like a skier, leaving a trail, and you make a noise of f noise with your feet, tapping your cape. You jump over the ground, you float, you jump. You trudge through sand dunes and peeking, then push past, and slide again, to the seams. This is unlikely to be possible with people close to understanding the body’s beauty. (I… Well, I’m assuming.

You sometimes look small. You feel very small

However, one thing that makes a difference is that you meet other real people who are playing with other real people. For me, this is I decided to wait for a long long time in the part of the game, because I put it with about Shouting in the headset nightmare stories associated with it, because you cannot quickly loaded gun. Or because your name sounds like a woman, or for other reasons and shout shout loudly, frankly, if I want to loudly rang rang, I would roll down the window, in the left lane to drive slowly. I know I don’t know what I’m doing. I don’t need anyone to be angry.

But on Tuesday night, once I finished the beginning of the chapter, and writes it to the next part of the story, I am on a sand dune, I saw her – another person like me, in addition to a long scarf, I assume that this means that she is better than I in this respect, because when you collect pieces, your scarf has grown very long.

There are some benefits of traveling together: one can collect the other’s scarf so you can fly. But for me, she seemed to know what she was doing and where she was going, which was a good thing, and I didn’t. I’m pretty sure – I’m sitting in the living room – she’ll soon get tired of me – I can hardly fly. I thought she would walk away, instead of dragging my sad newbie to the desert. I won’t blame her.

Despite the fact that she could have been a 45-year-old male banker or an 11-year-old boy, I immediately named her Anna, with no particular reason. In my favorite fantasy, she is a 14-year-old nerd girl who will one day become a game designer and love Pitch Perfect. I can imagine these things; The desert is not the only thing that can be explained.

We can only communicate by pressing the button that lets you go, “BING!” That’s it. “BING!” Sometimes it has a different tone. But always, “BING! So I said, “BING!” Anna said, “ding! Together we climbed a sand dune, and soon we were climbing through the rosy pink sand.

The strangest thing happened: I had this little happiness. Now I didn’t do anything, only through trial and error. Now we’re traveling, even though we can only say “BING!” But we’ve definitely decided to travel together. I still think I’ll be behind in a short time, but now, it feels… Kind of happy.

We found ourselves in a tower. I’m not a smart headscarf, but I know we want to climb the top. I flew, but I couldn’t get up. Anna flew up to the top of the mountain. ‘well,’ I thought, ‘it’s interesting, I’ll go back and be a lonely man, and have a good trip, Anna!

Then she flew back. She landed next to me and put away my scarf. She disappeared. I flew again. I fell down. She came back for me. Once again.

It lasted for a while. She probably saved me three or four times until I finally figured out how to get to the top. The first time I experienced anything but “BING!” You can’t say anything negative about anything. Because I can’t tell her, “thanks.” I can’t tell her, “it’s really good, you can tell me, I don’t know what I’m doing.” We just went on.

But The real test is The Wall. We were trying to get past this wall, I couldn’t figure out the right sequence, she kept flying over the wall, I ran into it, I slid down, and I went soft! In the sand. I think I’m ready; I think I’ll do it this time, and then I won’t. I felt terrible because she was flying over and coming back. I say “BING! “Sorry, I’m sorry,” but I think she just reads “BING!” “Help! She kept coming back.

If there is a button “go ahead! Save yourself! I’ve been pressed several times. I even hurried to the wrong direction, trying to make her without me, because I felt bad. But when I saw the light from somewhere, she was telling me. I’ll go back to the wall. She’s still there.

We went through the process again, and as I climbed through the wall, when we came across a high structure, you had to go, for some reason, I kept falling. I just walk, I fall off, I have to fly back.

At this point, I am really angry. Why am I falling off? She’ll come back for me, show me again, fly, and land on it. I would fly, and then I would walk and fall off. (I finally realized that I need to adjust the Angle of the camera, so I can better see what is a straight line to walk, you’re alive, you learn) but once, I fell, I stand on the ground – not cheat – losing his temper. I went like this: “bingbing bingbing! “Bingbing ice!”

She floated down. “BING!” She flew back. I flew back, this time, I got it. Later, when we had a terrible event, she went to BING! I went to BING! I’m sure they’re blasphemous.

We played for a while, but eventually I had to quit. I know I don’t have enough time to finish it. Still, I hesitate, because limited communication means I can’t say, “it’s fun, but I have to leave. I can only, you know, “BING!” Beside her, she probably just thought I wanted more help. Once again.

But almost at 9 p.m., she disappeared. My theory is that she goes to see the new girl.

That experience, this subtle connection with strangers, is one of the things people love about the game. It’s hardly revolutionary to experience it. But as a beginner, it was revolutionary for me, and it was hard to think of another situation where I might encounter a completely blank kind of kindness. No visual cues, no race, no age, no gender, no body is an advantage or disadvantage, no class, no head, not even a screen name to separate “marjorie316” from “kickbuttgamer”.

It is intangible, completely to the kindness and help of culture.

Thank you, Anna. Ice ice.


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