“Kalavar” is a dark circus. Clowns don’t like you.


“Kalavar” is a dark circus. Clowns don’t like you.

The world of kalavar is a part of the amusement park, part of Venice, part of the game show, with all the colors of the gothic circus. The girls in tuxedos rustled in the dark corridors looking for clues to win their hopes – but some girls had more needs than other girls.

Scarlett has led to a life of abuse. She and her sister tara have been worried about their cruel and violent father. Tella beats the bars of the golden cage, but Scarlett tries her best to keep the peace and protect them in despair. She gave up her childhood to Carla tile (Caraval) dream, this is a game to play and adventure together the magic show, resigned as an arranged marriage, and she for her (Tella) offers a chance for a real escape from his father.

When planning, founder of inviter from Carla’s invitation to a mysterious island to recruit and sisters, and provide them with a place, tara forced scarlett abandoned the plan of security, to support the venture. But soon the legend has other ideas. He stole Tella and made her an award for Caraval, leaving Scarlett with no choice but to win the race.

Scarlett knew she experienced in tile everything is part of the show, but the boundaries between fantasy and reality began to fuzzy, especially when it comes to the sailor boy play Julian. Like everyone she met in carava, he didn’t look like he saw – she couldn’t resist his help or his company. As the race progressed, she sank deeper and deeper into the darkness, away from her almost secure future.

Scarlett is the unusual heroine of this quasi-historical fantasy. Tara was the more obvious choice, her rebellious spirit and the way of freedom. Scarlett’s abuse made her bow, making her question every choice and play according to every rule. At times, she seemed to love her, her love, her innocence, even her dissatisfaction. Instead of saying “yes, yes” to every scene, she said firmly, “no, thanks.” I like to see this character at the forefront of adventure stories. As she explores the layers of karawa, her attitude leads her to an unusual direction, and I find myself growing into a person who can confidently decide to shape my future.

I wrote the book, want it to become a major about the story of the relationship between the two sisters, but when you are the victim of a terrible abuse, more into the challenge of the challenge their own story. Scarlett began to look like a ship in the tide of others, and at first she seemed to start her own course. But disappointingly, she succumbed to a series of other choices, and her willingness to forgive and forget made her look like a doorman.

In the end, caraval’s message was mixed up, and scarlett took the final revelation that made me uncomfortable. I hope that in some ways we also get the story from Taylor’s point of view – from scarlett’s point of view, she’s pretty scary. It will be interesting to see their different paths unfold at the same time.

Still, there’s plenty to appreciate, especially for a very small crowd of romantic carnivals. Caraval is the biggest advantage of the game world, feels like a trip to Disney World of darkness, the animation has a feeling, not like you, and expensive cupcakes may be poisonous. This is a place where I can be happy to return, hoping to have a more satisfying emotional arc to match the wonderful decoration.

But to me, sadly, the Caraval of this book is very much like Caraval of the game: the setting of a beautiful hollow stone.


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