Radiator award ceremony “Manpons”, frozen Norwegian, sad baby.


Radiator award ceremony “Manpons”, frozen Norwegian, sad baby.

People who matched shirts were sent overseas. Attractive singers come together to perform lyrics and patronize lyrics. Scenes of lonely people.

All of this was in the 2012 music video “Norway’s Africa rescue”, which encouraged africans to collect radiators and send them to sad frozen norwegians. This is a live imitation of the most outrageous aspect of the fundraising appeal. (sample lyrics: “in Norway, children are freezing/we should take care of them./ Norway/if africans want to share, it’s hot enough.” )

The radio-aid, produced by the Norwegian student and scholar international Aid fund (SAIH), is an annual event that highlights the worst and best charity advertisements.

On Tuesday held this ceremony was held before the first radiator assembly, brings together academics, journalists and representatives of nongovernmental organizations (ngos) to discuss the consequences of these stereotypes often appears in video.

Martine Jahre, vice-president of SAIH, says that many of the old images – like the ones in Africa – show the buzzing of children’s flies and the balance of helpless women on their heads – for good.

They have some positive effects. She notes that these studies have shown that people are more likely to face a charity case than a person. “When we are with them, we feel good and we can help them,” she said.

But at the sacrifice of one’s dignity to raise money is dangerous, Jahre added, “if it again and again to see these images, our expectation becomes a reality.”

Here’s her nomination for this year’s awards: “gold radiator” (video for avoiding stereotypes) and “rusty radiator” (depending on their).

Gold radiator winner.

The white helmets of Syria: heroes and miracles.

There are a lot of ways to donate to a cause online. While using social media may help in promotion, it may not be the most effective way to get people to actually give.

Jahre said: “we read a lot about Syria, hear a lot of information about the problem, as well as those countries tried to solve the crisis, but most of the Syrian people are doing daily work. In this video, you meet one of the people, Khaled Farah, who from his point of view is a man who is taking risks to save lives. Standing in front of a flat wall, he actually pulled a two-week-old baby out of the ruins of a destroyed building. Video from fragments of the rescue, and then back to ferrari’s face, and explains why since the destiny difficult day, he didn’t have a chance to go to see the child: “shelling didn’t stop.

Water aid: if a person has a stage – Manpons.

Jahre says toilet behavior is a “taboo”. So how does the group take a topic that no one wants to talk about, and create a video that everyone wants to share? A sense of humor. Imagine a man with a world of the world, and it shows an energetic person entering a bathroom that sweats after exercise. After he grabbed the booth door of his “Manpons” box, a picture flashed on the screen, boasting of the high-tech project behind the product. When you’re still smiling, the text pops up to remind you: “1.25 billion women don’t have a toilet during this time.” Jahre appreciates that this is interesting and retains a serious background.

Kinderpostzegels: Zalissa’s choice.

The seven-minute short film, a mini-documentary about child marriage, tells the story of a girl. While it tests the audience’s attention, the length allows for nuanced ways – with Zalissa, her father and her teacher. “You hear a lot of our favorite narratives,” says Jahre.


Band aid 30: do they know it’s Christmas?

“This is the dilemma between raising money and maintaining dignity,” says Jahre. The celebrated 30th anniversary edition of the star-studded song — this time against the ebola virus — was the first single from the 2014 holiday season. “But the video is absolutely terrible,” said Jahre, he didn’t dare to believe that a woman’s body from bloodstained bed lift gruesome scene, and then quickly cut into the celebrities – bono! A member of one direction! – smile for the paparazzi before entering the studio. Even better, these words are problematic for Jahre. “It gives the impression that everyone in Africa has ebola,” she said. “The melody is fascinating, but it corrects the lyrics.” In addition, given the number of christians living in Africa, “yes, they know it’s Christmas,” Jahre added.

Feed your children: a world sport.

Yeah, another music video. (the third nominee is also a music video.) Are these just a bad idea? “Not necessarily,” Jahre said. “you can do it very well, but we haven’t seen any good examples yet. Her description of the person very much, you just need to know: “this is the African children, need feeding, then you have the white artists, to feed their babies with a guitar, it’s like, no, and so on. These kids? What is this project? ”

Humanitarian aid fund: assistance to children in Africa.

Video is a clip from a kid from Ghana: serious, happy, eating food, holding a sign, saying, “thank you for supporting us.” Then there was a white man who had been fed up and hugged a child. “It’s just classic,” says Jahre. “take me back to the 90s. The appeal came from a smaller group, she said, noting that SAIH had to expand its search to find a third nominee for this year’s Rusty. “The organization is well aware of their nominations last year and we have seen a major shift,” she said.

If the team continues to pay attention, she adds, the radiator award may not have to give up Rusty for longer.


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