Reading the game: mordor’s shadow.


Reading the game: mordor’s shadow.

Over the years, we’ve told ourselves some of the best, the craziest, the most touching or revealing stories that come not from books, movies or television, but from video games. So we’re running a casual series, reading games, and we’re looking at these games from a literary point of view. This week: failure to tell a story.

I squatted silently in the rain, watching the hordes of orcs milling beneath me, on the rocks of the volcano, overlooking the ruins of udon.

They advance, they debate. They mocked their human slaves, when they came near, I could hear them talking about me – called gray walker tower Leon captain killed realm, he and I mostly intangible magic elf/soul mate Celebrimbor affect the ghost who is living in my mind.

I’m tired of my elves. That’s a huge problem, right?

They’re afraid of me, these orcs. As they should. For about thirty hours, I am a Mediterranean murder machine that can slow down, transmit, blast orc head and my magic spirit power. I could orchestrate a dead ballet with a dagger, sword, bow, blast, poison, and mind control – that’s so ferocious, so beautiful.

But I sat quietly, watching, waiting. In the distance, my krypton (my current krypton, the man who hates me the most in ten minutes) walks in the stupid circle in front of me. His name is Malmug Face-Stabber. Or something like that. I forgot what he was saying, because I had put so many kinds of things at the end of my sword, and they all fused together. He’s Malmug The Plot Device, really. As I sat down to wait, I wondered why the “specter” makers didn’t include the button that made Talion sigh.

I’m tired of my elves.

That’s a huge problem, right? Because when you get the most rich, the gift of one of the most influential fantasy universe, in the universe, you can set your hackers video games (JRR tolkien’s Lord of the rings, if not clearly), so boring impossible. I mean, you have sauron. You already have a “ring”, “black gate” and gollum’s guest performance. In the context of your world, you have met Doom mountain. However, somehow, I found myself bored and brooding over the cliff? What’s the problem?

Two things, really. Two early and fundamental errors, the story of modol’s shadow killing may have been there, and cut off its messy look on the knee.

At the beginning of the game and Talion’s wife, his son, finally Talion himself is “black” – “Lord of the rings” in “the Big Bad Wolf, Big Bad” slay, Sauron there is the biggest of the Big Bads, never to appear. But that’s not the problem.

The killings were a ritual that was intended to conjure up the ghost of the mbor (for reasons that would not be explained for several hours). But what went wrong, the genie (because never really explained it) ended up inside the tower of Leon, making him magical, super-grumpy, and immortal. But that’s not a problem.

Did I mention that there is a memory loss for the celebrity mbor? And he can only recall his memory by having Talion go through Mordor and touch a pile of things? Doing so will trigger a flashback of the PTSD style, and in fact turn mordo’s shadow into a strange, very dark, highly fanciful friend – police – plot – strange romantic road movie.

Yes, that was the first mistake. Although the main feature of amnesia is a terrible way to drive the plot in any story, it is still only half the problem. The second mistake is that, although already tells the story of a deadly weapon: the story of middle earth type, immersed in a winner, you must be a real, and speaking thor guggenheim fellow just get half of the main references, the author then chose the most lazy all possible plot device, with a slow moves story: Talion basically instructions, he must kill and kill some more, to get bad guys.

… Every task, every mission, everything becomes a murder marathon. Stay long enough to feel like a spreadsheet.

It’s just laziness. That’s just before the mechanics and the game play, and you just throw it on the towel like a writer and say, “you know what? When everyone is concerned, why is it so hard to kill orcs in mordor?

When it is released in 2013, the game got its Nemesis system the main props – an artificial intelligence program, control network of a large and tangle mini boss, they have been bickering and for power, and Talion end game is trying to kill him. Defeated by an orc captain, he will remember. He’ll get stronger, look for you and laugh at you for losing him.

And from the game point of view, this is an explosion, and it doesn’t do any good in the storytelling department. Once launched, every task, every mission, everything becomes a murder marathon. Stay long enough to feel like a spreadsheet. Just like you are the most powerful bookkeeper in the country.

At the time of reading tolkien, a yarn about realm’s most powerful accountants may be surprising, because he (even if there is a memory loss of elf as a partner) are not so attractive as before.


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