The critics’ “ghost list” has books, and music and TV shows are worth watching.


The critics’ “ghost list” has books, and music and TV shows are worth watching.

I don’t believe in ghosts, but sometimes, when I pass by my house, I think I hear the last few months I’ve ever loved books, movies and television shows sad cry, but never talked about. December of each year, therefore, I have tried to use annual list of “ghost” to curb the cry, and the list I think is in 2017, from the universe to the headlines of the immediacy of surrealism.

National treasure, Hulu

This riveted British TV series is almost our moment. It took the famous Scottish star, Cracker and Harry Potter, as Paul Finchley, a beloved comedian accused of sexually assaulting young women.

But is Paul really guilty, or is it just the goal of a spiritual witch of the age? This program captures the emotional well costs – especially for Paul’s wife, protective by Julie Walters (Julie Walters) and he worshipped self-destructive adult daughters – Andre riess burroughs (Andrea Riseborough) dress up.

Because Paul has tampered with his public and private roles, “national treasure” lets us ask how we really know our loved ones – not to mention our cultural heroes.

True story: non-fiction collected by Helen garner.

The slipperiness of self is probably my favourite Australian writer Helen Garner (Helen Garner) terrain, he was a journalist, novelist and playwright, he is Mary McCarthy (Mary McCarthy) or Joan Didion (Joan Didion) masterpiece. You got her work feast in this unusual collection.

Ghana is a wonderful story teller, she thoroughly discusses ruthlessly murder, marriage, sexual harassment, the aging of the story – she felt free – 70 years old, and her personal moment of cowardice. The book is simple, intuitive, and readable, a model of how to be honest with the world and ourselves.

His girl is Friday.

, by contrast, Howard Hawks (Howard Hawks) in a brilliant 1940 new high-definition repair, fast, funny, happy to cynicism newspaper comic, this dishonest behavior in today has become a reality. Cary Grant (Cary Grant) in wisdom and beauty peak, he is an immoral city editor Walter Burns (Walter Burns), he was trying to taunt him also is bright star reporter di Johnson and his ex-wife hill (i.e., rosalind Russell) her fiance dumped her pretty boring insurance man, and involved in the execution of the killer. Brash and the joke, the girlfriend Friday is one of America’s greatest movies – in its free and uplifting spirit, the most American.

Six and four: a novel by yokosho.

In a more relaxed way, yokohama’s fantasticand charming crime novel sold more than a million copies in Japan. Its hero is a provincial police officer, Yoshinobu Mikami, who wants to break an unresolved 14-year-old murder, but faces obstacles, including his own daughter’s disappearance.

The “six or four” has built up a beautiful ending, but it has more ideas than a killer. This alternative police program provides the bureaucracy of the Japanese unforgettable portrait, and reached a more metaphysical things, namely, the meaning of things remained elusive, even if the crime has been resolved.

A dream run by Samanta Schweblin.

In this dazzling short story by Argentine writer Samanta Schweblin, the elusive form is creepy. Her heroine, Amanda, a native of Buenos Aires, was traveling in the countryside with her young daughter when something happened – which was really bad.

We know what, the fear of dripping. Along the way, schwebbling has thrown us into a world of depraved parents, a toxic landscape, a nervous breakdown and some very mysterious worms. Shortlisted for the “booker international prize”, a “fever dream” will let you look down on your shoulders.

Double peak (music of limited activity series)

The fever dream has made my favorite work of this year the perfect bridge – David lynch’s twin peaks: return, the most chaotic performance TV ever.

Now that you’ve heard a lot, I’d like to recommend Rhino’s soundtrack. No one is better at creating emotions than lynch, who can find the sinister corners of the most innocent popular songs. He likes to use music to bring us into a wild ambivalence.

This album is doing this, from the twin peaks of MG in the opening theme of the legend to the booker T and blues, organs of “green onion”, when you see a man was sweeping the floor of a bar room in three minutes.

In an interview, lynch once told me, “you know, John, lost in beauty.” I love getting lost in this album, which includes new works like Rebekah Del Rio’s fantastic “No Stars”. This is a song, for a ghost list, it will haunt you.


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