“Blood, sweat and pixels” : for video designers, it’s always a critical moment.


“Blood, sweat and pixels” : for video designers, it’s always a critical moment.

Success is dull; Failure is fascinating.

Wonderful success story is likely to win our praise, but they tend to follow the same path, all the way to the cross of all religious station: hard work, determination, never give up, failure of luck. There is a good performance of success stories, and the default assumption is that the audience will, of course, try to use the virtues of its performance in its own efforts as a set of instructions. But it is always the same instruction, the same virtue; Heard enough of the “old rich” story, will you ever forgive hope successful people occasionally tuck socks in, keep the rest of the poor lazy people through our miserable life in peace.

On the other hand, the story of failure – the real, depressing, soaring failure – might be more common than success stories, but each one is unique, special, highly personalized, therefore, hell entertainment. This is not a simple schadenfreude. (well, it’s not entirely schadenfreude.) That is to say, failure is more familiar than anything else, and its smell is as warm as its favorite coat, which is our smell.

You often think of this phenomenon when reading journalist Jason Schreier’s Blood, Sweat and Pixels, which is a series of portraits describing the turbulent process of the video game. To explain why about shameful Star Wars 1313 this delay and ultimately destroyed the game for a long time, the players in the Star Wars bounty hunter role game in the world, why is more interesting than about popular game series of best-selling “mysterious ocean 4″ section for more.

This is why the Diablo III issued a decade of underground part of the crawler is so formidable voice: famous – the notorious – when unexpected game needs the developer infrastructure collapsed, it launched into explosive growth (” server is currently busy, please try again later (error 37) “). Schreier described the engineers at the studio’s headquarters as “freaked out,” and the other members of the development team didn’t notice the huge disaster, and they released the game at an off-campus press conference.

Human moments like this can inspire Schreier to talk about the development of 10 different games. However, he can do much more, because given the fundamentals of game design, the story he chooses – with the exception of the obvious exception – is very similar. We meet with passionate developers over and over again, and they’re good at their jobs (storytelling, coding, or combination), but no one is good at doing it with other people. Communication between individuals and departments are a recurring theme, project leader unceremoniously to leave in the middle of the project, and eager to turn to executives last request, this need several months of work can completely change the week. About Stardew Valley chapter, developed by lonely nerd Eric francois baroin addictive game farm, may be the best book, mainly because of the situation of RON provides so many unusual and special details. (my favorite: barron spends his days playing other video games instead of developing his own — but when his wife comes home from work, he switches his computer screen back to Stardew Valley.)

Also, considering The nature of contemporary game design, “Blood, time! And Pixels has quickly become a book on The books at – this is a few months before The issuance of The game, in The meantime, employees in weekends and holidays to work long hours to meet deadlines. All sizes of The developers work in a variety of game design, in exactly The same way to greet The at – through a common, pride of a masochist to create The necessary code.

Schreier covers the notoriously secretive gaming industry – he is the editor of the website Kotaku – and he knows it well. (he also takes care to ensure that the book can be accepted by novice gamers, helping to define every artistic term (and business) in their field.) (although the true, but it’s unlikely is a book about the video game development change will find some time in their life no remember Contra code of a booming audience.)

He also has a clear respect for these developers and their achievements, and treats the tragic stories of their selfless struggle with respect from the civilian guests of the American legion. Sometimes readers want more to the point, or at least more objective view, like schreier feel forced to join a word, “but in the company, [we] would like to create the best game. We are driven by challenges, and even a huge challenge that is almost impossible to achieve. ”

After “we gave 110%”, but “we just need to get some points in the plate”, this is a kind of empty, cannot think of, may be thrown in the post-match interviews with athletes. It doesn’t add anything at all, and it only leads to a blurry, bookish tone of the book. In an article Schreier lurking under the surface of another book, it abandoned the notion of a mixed, and solved the game and the development of culture – the salty for easy to the injured boy (or at least the boy) to provide the spirit of true opinions). To be fair, that’s not what Schreier started writing. And what he’s making has provided a useful investigative report for game production at this cultural moment,


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