Ann curry news, her PBS series and work in ‘today’.


Ann curry news, her PBS series and work in ‘today’.

Ann Curry’s parents met in Japan after world war ii. Her American father was stationed there, and her mother was Japanese. But when her father asked the military to allow marriage, the military refused – at the time, soldiers were not allowed to marry Japanese women.

Her father was quickly reassigned, and two years later, curry’s parents were reunited. Even so, it wasn’t easy – her mother contracted tuberculosis and her grandmother refused. But they managed to defeat American families.

Now, curry has a PBS series that highlights her parents’ party. We’ll meet again to see people who have had a brief, meaningful first contact but have lost contact for years. It tells the story of the woman who was rescued by a helicopter pilot after the eruption, and the story of a man who was consoled by strangers after the Sept. 11 attacks.

Curry worked in the press for 40 years, and she worked on NBC’s Today program for 15 years. In 2012, after the ratings began to fall, she was forced to leave her post at matt lauer. Executives reportedly said curry and raul had no chemistry. Raul is fired on charges of sexual misconduct in November 2017.

Curry told NPR’s “this is a minute” and she and others face “verbal harassment” today. But she has survived the tough times and says she is now pursuing a story that is important to her – she feels that she feels inadequate in today’s news atmosphere.

In fact, I started working with my co-executive producer, Justine Kershaw, a young woman who had fallen from a mountain. She’s been hiking, she’s in Europe. She’s a dancer. You know, she tore a lot of things herself. She really got hurt this fall. There are a few men, I believe they are goat herders, they have happened, they saved her. They took her down the hill. They made sure she was taken care of.

A few years later, after she stopped dancing, she was now a wife and had children, and she decided to return to the mountain. It means a little to her. So she went back up the hill, and she ran to the goat herdsmen, and did not think of it. What really shocked her was their reaction. They started to cry, really happy to see her, I’m glad to see how she is doing, because they have never heard of her after the emergency exit to leave, what happened, and then went to the hospital to give her the patch.

So this has become part of her, and she realizes that people need to connect at this moment, not just the injured, but the other side. After so many years of rapid progress, the matter has permeated. If we do something like this, she will have a rough idea. It kind of evolved into what it is today.

A video of the rescue of a woman by a helicopter pilot after the eruption of mount st. helle in 1980.

She is hiking with a group of friends. They’re all young people… 19, 20. They are not in areas considered dangerous. They were hiking for a while when suddenly there was an explosion on the mountain. And it was so devastating, because the ash cloud and the heat came to their camp. Some of them were cut down by trees, some of which did not survive, some of which were severely damaged and could not be left. But she can. Sue [Nystrom] can.

So, even though one of her friends begged her, she held out her hand and said, “please don’t leave me, please don’t leave me!” She knew she had to find them because there was no other way. She did it. When she finally went out, a helicopter, she could hear the helicopter. The helicopter pilot landed. You know, this very good helicopter pilots trying to take her to the helicopter, she stopped, she said: “until you promise me you will help me find my friend, I will take on the helicopter. Find my friend. ”

The helicopter pilot, then, was a Vietnamese veterinarian who volunteered to help rescue workers. He was a member of the national guard, but he couldn’t get in because the ash was still there. It’s still too dangerous – you can’t order people to die. [that’s] only the volunteers came out, and they were flying down the grey clouds from the mountain to find the one caught. He agreed to her and took the helicopter. When he kept his promise, she said, the moment changed, and he turned the nose of the helicopter to the top of the hill. He has children; He has a wife. This is the heroism he did. He helped her find her friend. It completely changed her life.

In what workplace culture is today?

I don’t want to be specific about any particular person, because obviously we are in a situation where everyone is suffering, especially the victims. And I as a person – especially those who have not been publicly humiliated even if I have done nothing wrong, and know what that means – I don’t want to be part of anyone else.

But I would say, I think that many of these workplaces can be the halls of mirrors, where people can start buying things that are happening. I think there is oral culture – it is said to be totally inappropriate. It is considered normal. …… But I would say that anyone would say that it is universal and that it is a verbal sexual harassment.

In a news story, she said she didn’t get enough coverage.

We don’t have a lot of stories, because there’s too much air being attracted to a few people. …… I think the story of the rohingya is tragic. I think the line that should never be ignored for me is what might happen, what tastes, what might be genocide. I think genocide is a line, and if there’s a reason for the news, it’s to make sure we cover the story.

According to her advice to young journalists.

Lower the head. It’s none of your business. If you want to get into journalism, because you want to be popular, forget it. You did something wrong – to be an actress or singer, you know, to do something else. We are working on a service. Our job is to help people. Our job is to help people with good information. We make mistakes all the time. …

It’s not like there’s an answer. This is not two plus two equals four. It needs to be judged. No one came out of journalism school and knew how to be a journalist. No man or woman. Not me, not anyone. It’s about your mistakes and how to do better. It’s about judgment, and ultimately you collect, you get, it makes you better.


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